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  2. Is this a bad tire indicator?

    So I put the spare tire on. Admittedly, spare tires are not designed to be "quiet" so I expected some noise, but the noise was fairly constant and not the "pulsing" sound that I was getting with the O.E. tire. However, I now think that I have 2 issues. 1) The tire is bad, 2) my front rotors are warped a little. With the spare tire on, there was some pulsing sound, but VERY minimal compared to when I had the one particular regular tire on, and braking still had some pulsing too. When I removed the spare tire and put the other back on, the pulsing sound was there whether I was braking or not, and the braking pulsed more, plus I could "feel" the pulsing in the steering wheel with no braking applied. So again, at least 1 bad tire, and probably new rotors (and brake pads even though they are far from worn). I didn't measure the tire tread depth, but they still have a lot of tread on them. We've had the car for about 18 months, so I am guessing that the previous owner already replaced the tires before we got the car and picked out the O.E. tire as replacement. Local places are quoting nearly $900 for 4 of the General Altimax RT43 tires installed, and the price is a solid $1000 to go with the Continentals. That is a lot more than I've ever paid for tires for any vehicle before, including the performance Pirelli tires that I bought for a previous supercharged sporty car that I got rid of about a year ago. Must be a higher price due to the 18" size vs. 17" and 16" of my more recent vehicles. Maybe there are other tires to consider???
  3. 2017 rattling noise

    You say it happens every time you drive your car on the highway. When you take it in for your next appointment, get one of their service techs to ride with you. Take the car out on the highway and show him what you're talking about. If, for some reason, you don't hear the noise, put him in the back seat. It might be possible that the weight in the passenger's seat might have some effect on the noise. Noises like that can be really hard to pinpoint. I had one once which I was convinced was coming from the foot well in front of the passenger's seat. My roommate rode along with me and was convinced it was coming from in front of the driver's seat. After a lot of frustration and experimentation, we finally discovered that the noise was coming from the middle of the car. It was in the spring button on the emergency brake handle. Have the tech ride along with you, and you should be able to reproduce the noise so he can hear it. Good luck.
  4. 2017 rattling noise

    Hello, all. I am hoping someone, somewhere can give me some pointers or suggestions. I purchased my 2017 FFH SE last October. Starting around January 2017 my car has made the most annoying rattling sound in the front right corner of the car. I should also mention that when it started nothing out of the ordinary happened to the car...nothing was ran over...nothing damaged...etc. To me (and ever been in the car...other than Ford) it sounds like it is coming from the front right lower exterior of the car. It can only be heard driving on the highway at speeds of 60+. The noise does not change sound or speed the faster you go. It almost sounds like a pop can rattling against metal in the passenger door but it definitely is not. I have checked absolutely everything I can think of. It has been to two different Ford dealers a total of 7 times (most of the seven times it was there for a week or longer) and they claim they can not replicate the noise ()...which I find sooooo hard to believe as it happens every. single. time. I am in the car on the highway. I have even showed them video I have taken of the car making the noise. I am about to be making yet another appointment at yet another Ford dealership soon in hopes that this will soon get resolved before it drives me insane. Thanks in advance for any help!
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  6. 2006 Weird Sounds and Misfires?? HELP!

    Hello all! I have a 2006 SE 3.0 L V6... My issues started with an odd sputter while in park. Things got worse on the way home and the check engine light came on (wouldn't go above 40, shaking, etc...). The codes read multiple misfires on 4,5,6. We were told it was probably the PCM (apparently this model is notorious for PCM issues) so we took it to a shop and after 3 months of them working on it we called and they told us there was nothing wrong with the PCM and we should come pick it up, Also, the coils were not wet or dirty and seemed to have no cracking when we checked them. After putting the PCM back on, we started it to see if anything might have changed. At this point the check engine light was no longer on but the problems were still there. We also noticed that there was a loud knocking in the left side of the intake manifold. It sounded like something was loose. We removed the intake manifold and you could hear something rattle around that my husband could barely feel with his finger. The gaskets seemed in great condition. So......... I am having problems finding any information about that specific intake manifold and/or schematics for it (to try and figure out what was rattling). We are just trying to figure things out and would appreciate any and all info to help with any of the issues. My husband says I need more help than that LOL. We are just ready to pull our hair out and if money wasn't an issues, we would just bring it to the shop. THANKS!!!!
  7. Blend Door Problems

    Strange that fixing one side resulted in the other not working. The +5V and Ground reference for the feedback pots have splices in the harness running from the EMTC to the actuators. Perhaps there is an issue with one of those splices. Measure across the outer pins of the feedback pots to see if you are getting 5V to both BDA's. Make sure to measure directly across those pins not just from the pin to ground.
  8. So it's our fault that you didn't do your own research and didn't ask any questions about specific products? Always gotta blame somebody else. SMDH
  9. Sorry to hear this. The internal water pump issue has come up before. Here's one prior discussion. Ford claims that it's designed to route coolant from a leaking pump onto the ground instead of into the engine oil but as you (and others) have found, it doesn't always work that way. This is the first time I've heard of any warranty requirement that oil changes be done professionally. AFAIK, the Ford ESP warranty has no such provision; just that you present receipts if you are a DIYer. That's pretty sleazy and might not even hold up in court but it would probably cost more to sue them over it. This is the problem with 3rd party warranties. They often try to find a way to weasel out of paying claims. I gave up changing my own oil years ago. Just wan't worth the hassle anymore. There was inevitably some kind of mess, then there was the issue of disposing of the used oil. For $39.95, often less with a $10 rebate, Ford dealers do it with a tire rotation and systems inspections. It's also a way of establishing a rapport with the service dept. You never know when you might need a break from them and you have a better shot if they recognize you as a regular customer. As a former tech, do you have any connections for a used or rebuilt engine for less than the dealer is asking?
  10. It would have been nice to have been advised that the scan tool must have an MS-CAN/HS-CAN switch to read fault codes. The video provided by eGuru may contain this info but the link is kaput. There is WAY TO MUCH assumption that people who are first-time posters have the same level of knowledge as the geniuses who inhabit this forum. At any rate, I'm done with the DIY shite and off to the shop to get a code reading.
  11. Summer might now be in the rearview mirror, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the next one. View the full article
  12. Joining from California

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to the forum!
  14. It's a mode that saves the battery! It means the battery is weak and needs to be charged/changed. If it's more than 3 years old replace the battery and have the alternator tested.
  15. Is this a bad tire indicator?

    Yeah, the Continental ones have 759 ratings and 684 reviews - 9,745,942 Total Miles Reported The General ones have 354 ratings and 319 reviews - 3,792,403 Total Miles Reported I've attached the Tire Rack comparison for Grand Touring Tires that they scored #1, #2, and #3, plus the OE Goodyears that were ranked #20 out of 21 total. You can see that these tires all rank a LOT higher than the OE ones. TireRack had a higher rated tire than these, but with zero miles reported, I just removed it. Also, they list 44 total tires in the All Season Tire category, and the rank for the Pirelli, Continental, and General tires stayed the same, and the OE Goodyears dropped even further. LOL I'm not saying "no" to the Continental tires. I just need to get some prices ironed out. General has a rebate right now, and Continental just had a rebate program that ended about 6 weeks ago. So the $$$ spread right now is somewhat substantial. If the rebates were the other way around, then it would be a wash in price. There are some tires with only like 34k miles reported, so I don't put a lot of value in that, and the Continental have 2.5x the number of reported miles than the General ones, but at what point is it "enough" miles to be validated? That is the question. Thanks for getting me thinking more about these. Also, I didn't get a chance to try the spare tire tonight as my wife had the car all evening, and I have been caught up with other work around the house. It is already 11pm, so I am lacking motivation tonight. So tomorrow it will be.
  16. just need some answers on this battery save mode
  17. Is this a bad tire indicator?

    Be careful about those ratings - check the number of miles reported. It may be a really small sample.
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  19. Is this a bad tire indicator?

    I was actually looking at General AltiMAX RT43 tires for the fusion. SOOOO much better rated that the OE Goodyears, and about $120 cheaper (due to rebate) than the Continentals that you list, and $215 less than the top rated Pirelli's (all per TireRack's pricing and reviews). I've never owned General brand tires though. I use TireRack to find the tires that I want and then always try to support the local shops. Even if I have to wait to get the tire I want, like you said, many will price match or come close to it, and then you get a little better support later if needed.
  20. Is this a bad tire indicator?

    We are the 2nd owners of the vehicle and bought it with 38k miles on it. I guess that it is possible that the previous owner replaced the OE tires with more of the same. Good point about putting the spare on. Such a simple, but effective idea.
  21. Blend Door Problems

    So I changed the driver's side blend door actuator as the heat was no longer working on the driver's side... I have dual automatic sensor on my 2010 Fusion Hybrid. After I replaced the actuator I had both hot and cold on the driver's side. But now the passengers side is just cold - like the blend door actuator on this side stopped working. I took out the 10 amp fuse #15, started the car, waited, replaced the fuse then checked - still no blending on the passenger side. I don't think the actuator stopped working since it was working just fine prior to changing the driver's side. Any ideas on how to fix this? The AC and heat both work... when it was summer I didn't even think about it. Now that its getting a bit cooler, I've got no heat again - last winter was no fun with only heat on the passenger side!! Thanks for any help on this one.
  22. So, just a big ass PSA here.. The water pumps on our engines (Sport = 3.5L) are behind the front engine / timing cover and the pump is driven by the timing chain. My pump seal failed, dumped coolant into the engine pan, circulated and mixed with oil, engine is toast. Dealer estimate $8800 for reman'ed engine and installation. And oh yeah, I still owe almost that much on it.. 3rd party Warranty company (Ownershield) is not honoring the warranty because the language of the contract prohibits me from doing my own oil changes, even though I was an ASE certified Master Tech. FWIW, I let the certs expire years ago because my employer at the time would not pay me a penny more for them or even reimburse the cost of the test. So, have someone else do your services if necessary to maintain your warranty coverages.
  23. Shocks or Struts?

    Easy to confuse terminology. Monroe even refers to the front coil over replacements for my 2010 Sport as "quick-struts". Anyway, you make a good point and I've corrected folks who use the term "motor" to refer to an internal combustion engine - they look at me like I'm from another planet.
  24. I had my battery replaced after it died on me while driving my Fusion about a month ago and shortly after that I noticed that the A/C was not blowing cold. The AC light on the dash comes on fine but no cold air. I ended up using the defrost which got the compressor on and cold air to blow. It was fine for a while after that but now I can't get the AC to work at all. I have seen lots of issues with the Evaporator Discharge sensor on older models but not as much on 2013+ If anyone has some experience with this issue and can point me on where to look I would appreciate it as I really don't want to fork over $1000+ for Ford to take my entire dash apart to replace a sensor. As a side note, I have had the turn signal issue as well for about a year now that happens on and off where the signal randomly turns off when waiting at an intersection.. When I bought the car it only took two weeks for the entire warning light display to light up and make my car useless. Took Ford about 2 months to track it down to the sunroof module or something like that. This car has been an electrical nightmare.
  25. Is this a bad tire indicator?

    The only way I could get close to 58K miles on a tire is if I drove on grass. Continental and Michelin have always been good for me. These Continentals got great ratings on tirerack.com, but I would look to buy them from a local shop. They'll either match or come close to the tirerack price and you'll get better service if something goes wrong. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Continental&tireModel=PureContact+with+EcoPlus+Technology&partnum=345VR8PUREC&fromSurvey=true
  26. A decade ago, the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge unofficially kicked off today’s self-driving technology initiatives, and highlighted the need for more advanced computational power and algorithm development. View the full article
  27. Is this a bad tire indicator?

    Are they the original tires? If so, congratulations on getting 58K out of OE tires. It certainly seems like the tire is the cause, especially if it's got a visual defect. I'd put the temp. spare on just to make sure. If the noise and shake in the steering wheel go away, you know you've got the cause for sure.
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