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  2. 2011 FFH Strange Power Failure

    I boosted the battery with my wife’s car and haven’t had any more issues. Very strange though. This is the 3rd “brain fart” that I’ve had with this car since buying it in 2011.
  3. 2011 FFH Strange Power Failure

    Polder, the remote starts are usually preset to run the car for between 10 and 20 minutes. Then they shut off. What if I started it and fell asleep? Without the time limit, it would run all day. My point was that the car started normally using the remote start and shut off when it was supposed to. Five minutes later, there wasn’t enough power to even unlock the doors.
  4. 2011 FFH Strange Power Failure

    You say it shut off after the remote start. I'm not familiar with that but I didn't think it shut off after you started it. I guess it does so as a safety feature.
  5. Starting Issuesd

    Hey! Sorry if this isn't how it's done I just had a few questions. I recently purchased a used 2014 Ford Fusion Titanium w/ ecoboost, and it's my first push-to-start car... Heres what happened: I started the car (no issues), drove to work and parked. When I went to start the car to run an errand with my clients it wouldn't start. The head lights and taillights were on, but there was no interior lighting. I pressed the button a few times, and the interior lights kicked on. Pressed it twice more (without my foot on the brake) and the instruments lit up, and I got that "run power active" notice. I waited a few minutes and pressed the button a few more times (like 2 more) and nothing changed. I thought maybe it's the keyfob, so I put that in the dectector hole in the center consol, and tried again. No luck. I waited maybe 2 mins and pushed it twice more and all of a sudden it starts?It seemed like it took a little longer to crank over when it finally started, but this wasn't acting like a dead battery. During all my button pushing I did stand mostly out of the car to see if I could hear the click of the starter, same as you'd listen for in a standard twist to turn start. The starter was engaging, but it wasn't even attempting to crank over. If this was a battery issue, why would the lights work? And why after a few buttton presses would the interior lights and instruments come alive? Any my suggestions would be extremely welcome at this point.
  6. I just installed a 2400 watt amp and a 1200 watt 6 channel amp in my 2011 fusion SE. I read somewhere that some of these newer ford cars have a (smart charging) where the car will sense load and demand more or less from the alternator depending on what it says it needs. And using aftermarket amps connected directly to the battery will adversely affect charging. How do I know if my car has this. I don't see any shunts or anything on my visible power wires to from battery/alternator. I'm worried if I turn my stereo up I might hurt something on this car. Thanks in advance on any input or help any of you throw my way.
  7. 2011 FFH Strange Power Failure

    Lolder is correct, I believe. My battery was installed new in the ‘15 FFH I bought in Dec. 2015. The original battery was heavily used in the showroom model that I bought and was DOA before I went out the door. It’s nice to know that you’ve gotten as much as you have from yours as I’ve been thinking tha I’d better be alert as I go through the 3rd year.
  8. Last week
  9. Thanks, Thomas! All fixed!
  10. Thinking about it further the '11 Explorer also had a tab about left side valve cover design flaw that lead to exhaust gases and oil recirculating into air cleaner. Maybe a similar issue.
  11. Have a new '17 and find the same thing happens when going up Hills or rapid acceleration. Thought maybe it was just part of a breaking process as I only have about 1400 miles on it. Last vehicle was 2011 Explorer which had similar concerns in addition to leaks.
  12. Rear Deck Speakers

    I was hoping to do the same thing with my new '17. Just assumed it had rear speakers. I also hoped to add a power drivers seat and wondered if wiring might be present.
  13. 2011 FFH Strange Power Failure

    Is this a 2011 FFH? Have you ever changed the 12 vdc battery? If it's more than three years since a new battery, change that first no matter how it tests. It's the cheapest first step.
  14. I used my remote start to start my car this morning to warm it up. It ran through the full cycle of 10 or 15 minutes before it shut off. 30 minutes later, I got in the car to leave and I had no power whatsoever. I even had to use my key to unlock the door because the key fob wouldn't open the door. I tried to start the car and the airbag light started flashing rapidly. I think it may have been the alarm going off because I used the key to enter but there wasn't enough power for the actual alarm to go off. I ended getting a boost and the car started beautifully and ran without issue and no warning lights. I haven't needed a boost since then either. I'm wondering if anyone can explain this or maybe they've had this happen with their cars.
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  16. Console Vault

    Anyone installed one of these in their Fusion?
  17. Rear diff mounts

    You didn't identify your vehicle.
  18. 2015 Fusion annoying noise drivers door

    Hi all, I just registered on this site today to get info on this EXACT same issue, which is driving me nuts! 2015 Fusion, bought a couple months ago from Carmax with about 38K miles. Creak/tick coming from rear passenger area, fairly sure that the plastic piece on the running board inside the doorway is at fault. Only happens at highway speeds. Pushing on the plastic molding definitely produces a creaking noise, whereas driver side rear molding does not creak. Thinking of taking to the local Ford dealer tomorrow to see if it can be replaced. Unfortunately this one issue is ruining an otherwise perfect car for me, so I really hope it can be fixed.
  19. Former/Future Fusion Sport Owner

    Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Former owner of an '06 SEL I4 5spd, and a '10 Sport 2WD. Totaled the SEL, then got stupid and had the Sport repo'd. I plan on buying another 10-12 Sport, preferably an '11 or '12. Anyhow, I'm familiar with where to get aftermarket performance parts, and what parts I have to have modified(headers, for instance). But my biggest question right now is are there any manual transmissions that are compatible with the 3.5? It seems to me that there HAS to be SOMETHING out there. I already know I can have the total swap done for just under a grand, but only if I happen to find a manual gearbox to drop in. Thanks in advance, y'all.
  20. Rear diff mounts

    When changing the drive shaft I notice the rear differential had a lot of play was wondering if there is a bushing kit to tighten it up can't seem to find anything online or anywhere else
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  22. Black Cloth Interior Early Wear

    I have the same issue with my 2016 fusion. Only 11,000k. Dealing with it now, I'll post when it is fixed
  23. Use left display controller. Go left, then Settings/Display/Gauge Display/Fuel+Tach Then go back to MPG display and voila!
  24. End of the Fusion?

    Agreed! On my 3rd one.
  25. After replacing battery, noticed a change in my left dash display. I usually drive around with the MPG Gage(horizontal), fuel gage (Vertical), and RPM gage(Vertical) on display. After putting in the new battery, MPG is still there, fuel gage is wider, but RPM is missing. I have scrolled through all the display selections, but the one listed above is longer there. How do I get it back?
  26. Hmm. The Motorcraft that came with car only lasted 3 years. The battery I put in has a 5 year warranty. 3 year no questions asked and a 2 year prorated. Probably won't have the car for another 3 years. Plus, I wouldn't give the money to my local dealership if I can help it. I drove 3 hours to purchase my current car, because the local dealership sucks, both of them.
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