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  3. 08 Ford fusion oil light./ Brake light/ dash high Bean light stay on/ want come  out park

  4. A/C blowing hot air

    Okay. It's not clear what you mean by "this happened" but this "justanswer" is only partially correct. You don't need to pull any fuses. Disconnect one of the battery cables for a few minutes and then reconnect and start the vehicle. Don't touch the HVAC controls. The car will re-calibrate the HVAC damper servos in less than a minute. This may resolve your issue. If not, you need to be more specific about your symptoms (fault codes etc) before anyone here can offer meaningful advice.
  5. 08 Ford fusion brake light  oil light dash high bean  on want come out of park

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  6. A/C blowing hot air

    I searched google, because this did not happen until I replaced my battery. This is the solution I found and will check it in the morning. https://www.justanswer.com/gm/29dwt-replacing-the-battery-ac-blows-hot-air-ideas.html
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  8. 2012 Ford Fusion "Growling Noise"

    davidm, Thanks for the response and the suggestion to check with an aftermarket parts store to see if they can cross-reference the part. I was thinking that it had to be something other than the tensioner since ken123 says that he had his replaced twice and it didn't fix the problem. Also, in the TSB11-20-26 they reference "install alternator pulley kit" so I was thinking that's what it likely was I guess more investigation is required. Thanks for the help.
  9. 2012 Ford Fusion "Growling Noise"

    eGuru. Evidently the kit is just a pulley per description on FordPart.com below: PULLEY Part #: AL8Z10344A Pack Qty: 1 Price: $ 185.53 That was the part number on my repair order for my 2012 Fusion. I did not look at the part but I would think it was the tensioner pulley with stronger tension to stop the harmonic oscillations that are causing the growling sounds. Have you tried checking to see if an aftermarket parts store can cross the part number over to something they have? Good luck,
  10. Sorry to hear that you are giving up on tapping into the parking light circuit. Why does your "plan c" not just leave the LEDs powered on at all times since you say your power outlet times off and only powers back on when you start the vehicle?
  11. Can you narrow the symptoms down? Is it mostly on the driver's side or only on the driver's side?
  12. Getting more and more confused

    I'm reasonably sure the problem with not staying logged in is the same as the double login.
  13. Interesting. I didn't realize that about the fuse-tap, but I DID include/have considered a "downstream" as you put it tap. IOW finding a wire feeding something that does what I want the ambient lighting to mimic. There is a "plan c", similar to paying to have it done, a "partial surrender". I could give up on the "luxury" of the FW lights coming on with the parking lights and timing out with same, and just ACCEPT them as manually SWITCHED, and WIRE them into the 12v-ciglighter port. When I need them, plug 'em in. I don't love it but would be super simple, and still better than NOT having them at all.
  14. The blindspot sensor on my 2015 Fusion sensor starts acting up when the temperature gets above 80 degrees or so. When it heats up, the light will remain on, sometimes for an extended time and sometimes until I disable it. It seems to be mostly on the drivers side and more often when there is a line of cars passing on the left. I've taken it to the dealer and as I expected they can't duplicate the problem. They've test driven it twice and ran diagnostics without finding the problem. I get no faults showing on the dash although I don't know if there is a fault light for that. Does anyone have anything I can point the dealer at to isolate the problem? I'd like to get this fixed while still under warranty. This is the same dealer that kept my car for over 3 weeks while doing a nationwide search for replacement fuel injectors they said was causing my car to miss only to find out afterwards that it was some type of bad computer test module. Needless to say I'm not hopeful. Thanks
  15. Getting more and more confused

    When and if this is fixed, a "stay logged in" choice should be implemented, as there was in the old format. Previously, I could just open up the site and be already signed in, then click on "View New Content" and be good to go. Now we have to go through sub-menus and I'm still not sure which one to use. I created an activity stream for new content since my last visit and sometimes "no activity" appears, yet there has been new activity. I also can't figure out how the 'Preview' is supposed to work. All I get is a repeat of what is there and the original is gone so corrections can't be made. I realize that any new software will have teething problems but I'm having a hard time finding this new format to be an improvement over the old. BTW, the other BON forums are still using the old format. Will they be changing to this one as well?
  16. Getting more and more confused

    @andyross - we've fixed those two links on the dark skin making them white so that they really stand out! THANK YOU for taking the time to post the issue. We're waiting on a fix for the double login via the software maker.
  17. Getting more and more confused

    @andyross we've turned the light skin back as default until we can fix those link colors. we have a ticket in for the login issue to be fixed sorry for the issues -
  18. Getting more and more confused

    Fixing some of these issues now. As for the skin, please scroll down under the bottom center of the page and choose "theme" and then 4.2
  19. 2012 Ford Fusion "Growling Noise"

    davidm, What did the AL8Z-10344-A kit include? Was it the belt tensioner and the alternator clutch pulley? The "kit" sells for a ridiculous price, is hard to find, and I can't find out what is actually in it. I'm sure that we could find the individual components for much less if we shop around so please tell us what you know.
  20. Jeffrey Jones

    Jeffrey Jones is an Executive Director for Asia Pacific Strategy. In this role, Jones is responsible for developing strategies for smart mobility, digital services, and autonomous vehicles for Asia Pacific along with business development alliances and integration management. View the full article
  21. 2012 Ford Fusion "Growling Noise"

    Did they replace the pulley with the Pulley Kit, Ford part # AL8Z-10344-A, referenced in 2009-2012 Escape and Mariner TSB 11-10-26? This Pulley Kit took care of the growling noise on my 2012 Fusion and also my sister's 2012 Fusion, both with the 2.5L 4 cylinder motor.
  22. 2012 Ford Fusion "Growling Noise"

    No it will not. Had mine replaced twice, noise and vibration still there at 1500 RPM with AC on.
  23. For lack of a better term, my Fusion is farting

    I had the same issue and it was resolved by replacing the purge valve. This video might help... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meuO6syzkdw&list=LLWnGdJz4zWJQf5vpbyuzWMA&index=1
  24. Last week
  25. Lowering the sound of the turning signal

    I know this is an old thread, but I thought I would mention that I also found the turn signal clicker sound to be loud enough to be annoying so I fixed it my own way. I modified my ICC by cutting the PCB trace that feeds the speaker and inserting a 100 ohm resistor in series with the 47 ohm speaker. This results in a comfortable listening level. Since I didn't want to miss out on important alarms due to this muting, I am detecting when the turn signal is activated and using relay contacts to short the resistor whenever the turn signals are not activated. Additionally, my mod provides 3 turn signal flashes on a momentary flick of the turn switch. If anyone is "brave" and wants to tackle a similar fix, I can provide additional details.
  26. 2015 Ford Fusion Key Turned Delayed Start

    Just to be sure - you are saying that on the first start attempt, the engine doesn't even turn-over within the first 3 seconds while you have the key in the start position. When you then release the key from start position and then turn key back to start position, it starts up normally?
  27. Engine Tick Stopped by Vacuum Line?

    And that video hits the nail on the head. The vacuum is still pulling (hard) with the tube and plug disconnected. Thanks e'Guru! For the record, mine is also ticking loudly and rapidly at idle. Goes away at rev, returns once back at idle.
  28. Engine Tick Stopped by Vacuum Line?

    I'll watch the video when I'm off from work. Other than that, codes are just evap 455 and 456. Cleaning the gas inlet seems to fix 455 for a while. Have read that 456 is a constant problem with these cars.
  29. 2012 Ford Fusion "Growling Noise"

    Replacing the belt tensioner should resolve the rumble.
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