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  2. Sirius-XM ASubscriptions

    I just did the 'Threaten to Cancel' phone call on the 9th. I always get either the 5 months for $25, or 6 months for $30 deal, and this is on my 07 Fusion. Got the 6 month deal this go 'round, which is what I prefer, an extra month before the call again. And just if anyone doesn't know, the phone call usually lasts 7 or 8 minutes from start to hang up. It only took me 6 minutes this time. Royalty fee went up from my last 5 month deal: The royalty fee was $3.37 for 5 months back in August of 2017. [.67.4 cents a month] This time the royalty fee is $4.16 for the 6 month deal. [69.3 cents a month] That's not much of an increase, now is it?
  3. Sirius-XM ASubscriptions

    I recently got a notice that the royalty fees were going up too. I don't have the notice handy but it was a significant increase, as I recall. I had two subscriptions for many years. I dropped one of them. I had a portable that I used in my 2nd car and plugged it into a boombox at home. I'm not in my 2nd car enough to make it worthwhile and now with Amazon Echo, I can hear whatever I want in the house. There's plenty of competition out there now. They're going to have to keep giving discounts.
  4. Web site changes of a Jan 19, 2018

    Thank goodness. I thought it just me. FFS already!
  5. DOesnt work with just the transponder, tried that first..
  6. Sirius-XM ASubscriptions

    They're still doing the discounts, at least as of last Tuesday. I have the "select" plan on an annual basis, and even with the discount, it still costs $125/year. This will probably be the last time I resubscribe, since being retired, I just don't drive the car that much, and when I do, I prefer peace and quiet. On the rare occasion when I do listen, it's either the '60's channel or the '70's channel. Between the cost of Sirius and my other electronic communications bills (phone, cable TV, internet), I'm sorely tempted to cut all the connections and enjoy life as a hermit!
  7. Web site changes of a Jan 19, 2018

    Here is a post of what I see (Firefox 57). I tried Edge, and it does the same thing.
  8. Now what is going on with the site layout? It has switched back to white. If I read a post, there is a GIANT colored square with a letter in it, unless they have a picture tied to their profile. And who knows what else is messed up again.
  9. key fobs

    Hi Everyone. Just got a 2018 Fusion. It has pushbutton start, doesn't have passive entry. My question: is there an alternative key fob for this thing? The one it came with is just too dang big. It takes up too much room in my pocket. Is there an aftermarket fob or one from another Ford or another manufacturer that is compatible but smaller? I have both original fobs so I am hoping I can program a third, smaller fob. Thanks!
  10. So my driver window and also my moon roof just stop working at the same time. Any ideas what could have happen? I check fuses.
  11. 2016 Ford Fusion hybrid keypad code entry

    As akirby mentioned in his March 14 reply, if you only have one key you need the dealer to do the programming of additional keys.
  12. The transponder is passive (doesn't need power). IC 2 is not involved. You need to get the transponder to be very close to the coil around the ignition switch.
  13. Sirius-XM ASubscriptions

    I got 3 months free when I bought the car and never signed up. Now each month I get an offer to get 6 mos for $30 or 5 mos for $25.
  14. 2014 Fusion 1.5L Ecoboost code P0420

    Finally took the car in to check for CEL & P0420 code. Dealer found no functional problem, said they had a TSB to update PCM. They reflashed PCM with new code, will have to wait & see. They charged $150 to diagnose it!
  15. Sirius-XM ASubscriptions

    For the last few years I have been given a rate of $25 for a five month subscription. The hassle was that I had to call up on the day before the subscription expired to try to negotiate a similar rate again. If I waited until the last day, they would already have renewed me at the standard rate ($15.99/month). Then I would have to cancel and have them reinstate the special rate. My last subscription expired the day after Christmas, and I got an email from Sirius in November offering to extend my existing special rate for another five months. I didn't have to do anything--no threats of cancellation or negotiating with middle-level customer service agents. It made things pretty painless. The only problem is that when this subscription expires I have to call them up the day before again to renegotiate (unless they decide to offer me the same deal again)! I will only continue to subscribe as long as I can keep getting the $5/month rate. I don't spend enough time in the car to justify spending any more on satellite radio. As long as they keep offering me that deal, I will probably keep subscribing.
  16. Hey guys, I'm new here. Seeing if anyone has an answer to my question. I have '17 titanium model 2.0 ecoboost that I want to replace the blowoff valve to give my car that turbo hiss when it shifts. I've seen Youtube videos for replacing/adding extension for the blowoff valve for the '17 sport model (blow off valve not the same or in same place) and every other fusion model that was made BEFORE 2017. on the 2016 titanium model the valve is right behind the front passenger tire and I can't find it on my car. Also searching the web I couldn't find exactly what valve it was that I would need either. I think I figured it out (same one that goes in 2.0 eco boost for the focus) also is the air that gets released (the hissing noise I'm referring to) does that compressed air get put right back into the engine? hence no hissing noise? Anyone with some answers would be awesome. Thanks attached a pic of my car
  17. Sirius-XM ASubscriptions

    2-3 hours a year?? Totally not worth it. We have it on 95% of the time we’re in the car usually on an oldies station (60s, 70s, 80s). I’ve heard they stopped doing the discounts even if you threaten to cancel.
  18. Are there any statistics out there regarding the number of car owners who have Sirius XM equipped radios, that keep up their subscriptions once they have to start paying for them? I've kept mine up for eight years now, although I swear every year will be the last time. Every year, I have to call Sirius and threaten to cancel my subscription, then they come back with a "discounted offer" and I accept it. But in light of the fact, I probably don't listen to the radio over 2-3 hours a year total, it's still not a bargain. Just curious how many others out there are still paying for the service.
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  20. AWD?

    AWD first became available as an option with the 2007MY. It's never been offered with the 2.3/2.5 engines.
  21. AWD?

    I believe all years since the debut in 2006 have had AWD as an option. It has been an option on all trim levels over the years, with the exception of being standard on the current 2017+ Fusion Sport. So just look for the AWD badge on the trunk or look underneath for the drive shaft to be sure.
  22. AWD?

    Hi everyone~ New to the forum and looking for a straight answer that I can't seem to get from the internet: which years and versions of the Fusion are awd? Thanks! P
  23. Good to know about this info. Thanks for the tip
  24. Check Brake System light on, help please!

    My electric vacuum pump is increasingly running more the last few months so I have a leak somewhere also. No warning lights or DTCs yet. The hose is really buried between the ICE and transmission. I notice the fitting on the pump where the hose attaches can be wiggled a little. I don't know if that's normal. Not having access to the hose I can't see where the check valve in the intake manifold branch is but it has to have one at the "T" otherwise the pump would suck from the intake line, There's a check valve at the brake booster assembly but that's buried also.
  25. dash board cluster lights came on

    Had battery checked. Not the problem.
  26. No two cities are exactly the same. That holds true whether you’re discussing the local food scene or homegrown musical talent, and it’s equally true when it comes to transportation. View the full article
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