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  2. I am needing upper control arms again. I don't think this last set lasted as long as the original ones. I'm wondering if there is a difference between the AWD arms and non AWD arms. I have a non AWD with 18" wheels. I'm wondering if the ball joint is offset more or less. I'm also wondering if the bushings are beefier in the AWD arms. I might just have to go compare them at the auto parts store. Thanks.
  3. Video of me replacing the Evap Temp Sensor in my 2011 Fusion. https://youtu.be/88HbfW4rQv8
  4. The instrument cluster seems to be draining the battery. The shifter display (PRNDM)on the cluster stays on after the car is parked. Is this normal? Anyone know what controls this?
  5. – A new and expanded fleet of Ford SUVs will be doing the heavy hauling when the 91st edition of America’s Thanksgiving Parade - one of Ford Motor Company’s signature community events - rolls along Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit. View the full article
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  7. Dead Battery

    Motorcraft and Duralast batteries are both manufactured by Johnson Controls. Get back to us in 3 years.
  8. Fusion Ecoboost Fuel Mileage

    Hence, the statement, "Your Mileage May Vary" or YMMV, which has entered the American lexicon and is now used in a variety of instances that have nothing to do with EPA figures. As akirby points out, knock 3% right off the top for E10, which is mandatory in many places. More. I've never been a fan of small engines in big cars as a path to fuel efficiency. I believe that sometimes a bigger, more powerful powerplant doesn't have to work as hard thus produceing better real-world mpg. Case in point: attached is a shot of the fuel economy readout from my 2017 MKZ 3.0TT taken on a trip this past summer. This was taken while cruising on the NJ Tpk at the speed indicated and A/C running. I was able to maintain this for the entire highway portion of the trip. Including stop-and-go at the beginning and some local driving at the end, I averaged 26+ mpg for the entire 94 mile journey. This is a 400hp/400lb.ft, 4300lb AWD sedan. Before you bring up the accuracy of the fuel economy gauge, I've checked it against the old-fashioned, hand calculated method numerous times and the results have always been within .1 mpg of each other. Lincoln doesn't even use the "Ecoboost" name anymore. It's just 2.0T or 3.0T.
  9. 2014 1.6L cylender 3 misfire code.

    You're talking about a catch-can. We've had this discussion previously. See this thread.
  10. 2014 1.6L cylender 3 misfire code.

    Sorry for the long wait but the problem has been fixed. To make a long story short, my dealer found that there was a safety bulletin for all 1.6 Fusions and Escapes, concerning coolant loss and overheating and cracking cylinder heads. The car was pressure tested, found there to be a leak in cylinder #3. Ford decided to replace the engine with a brand new unit at no charge. I had them replace the clutch too while they were in there, so it cost me $150 for a new clutch. I would say it was a pretty stand up job of Ford to do this on a car with 72000 miles. Let me know if anyone has some questions, I will be happy to try and get you the info to get your car fixed too.
  11. Fusion Ecoboost Fuel Mileage

    I don't have a clue how you drive - I'm just putting facts and options on the table. You don't have to "beat" it to get bad mpg. I've found one thing that makes a difference is taking your foot completely off the gas when coasting. Keeping just a slight pressure on the pedal prevents the Deceleration Fuel Shutoff from engaging. Just for fun - try fuel from a different station to make sure you're not getting lower octane than advertised. It can happen. If that doesn't make a difference try a tank of premium and see if that makes a difference. Also make sure it's E10 and not E15. The EPA tests with pure gasoline (not E10) even though most of us can't find pure gas any more. E10 will lower mpg versus pure gas. E15 will be even worse. The test is perfectly valid and it doesn't matter if the computer is off a little. The point is to see what you're getting as close to EPA tests as possible. If the test says 27 mpg that points to a problem. If the test says 33 mpg then it's probably your driving. Don't assume the dealer did anything. Dealers are independent businesses not controlled by Ford. Some are great, some are terrible. If those other tests point to a problem you can always try a different dealer.
  12. Fusion Ecoboost Fuel Mileage

    akirby, as for your questions... "You can get better mileage if you drive the right way but you can also get worse mileage." - I'm a 50 year old man who drove a hybrid before this car so I'm not a teenager beating on my car. I am and drive like an old man so I don't know how I could get better gas mileage by my driving habits unless you suggest I start beating on my car? I've gone so far as to use the paddle shifters to force the car to shift to the next gear before it does on it's own (trying to keep the rpm's down). "Find a level stretch of highway and set the cruise control to 55 or 60, reset the mpg and let it go for a few miles and report back." - As I stated in my original post...the computer reports better gas mileage than what you are actually getting so your test wouldn't even be valid. According to the computer my car is averaging 25 mpg but if you actually do the math (miles driven divided by gas used) you get a lower number every time by 1-2.5 mpg. The highest I have ever gotten was 29 mpg and that was 100% flat highway (65 mph) driving (gas station exit to gas station exit). "If there is a problem it could be anything from a dragging brake to a lazy O2 sensor or even bad gas." - I would hope that the dealer would've checked that out when I complained to them? Wouldn't a lazy O2 sensor cause a bad idle? If not, how would I diagnose that? "Also - are you sure it has the OEM tires and wheels? Do they match what is on the sticker? Have you checked the tire pressure?" - Yes, as I stated in my original post...I bought the car with only 8,000 miles on it and it does have the original tires and rims. I have checked the tire pressure multiple times. So far I have put 9,000 miles on the car for a total of 17,000 miles but there has been no change in gas mileage. The computer is still 1-2.5 mpg off from the actual math and I am not overfilling the gas tank - once pump stops, I don't keep trying to fill it more by "clicking" the pump handle.
  13. Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) is announcing today the election of John Veihmeyer to the company’s board of directors. His appointment is effective December 1. View the full article
  14. Ford is investing more than $870 million in to build the next-generation Ford Kuga medium-sized Sports Utility Vehicle in Valencia, Spain. View the full article
  15. John Veihmeyer

    John Veihmeyer was elected to the company’s board of directors, effective December 1, 2017. He serves on the Audit, and Nominating & Governance Committees. View the full article
  16. Disabling Door Open Chime

    Engineers have nothing to do with it. The chimes are required by federal regulations.
  17. Signing in twice

    I'm not getting the auto log-off anymore but this twice cooked sign-in thing is getting old.
  18. A larger-than-life slot car track is racing toward New York City to mark the 10th anniversary of Ford’s Drive 4UR School fundraising program. View the full article
  19. Fusion Ecoboost Fuel Mileage

    2014 1.5L. Got up to 38 mpg on the freeway... until I hit L.A. Get 27 mpg mixed driving.
  20. Indentations on trunk by plate holder

    This is a plastic part, not a metal panel as you would expect. The part has ribs molded into the back side for reinforcing. Plastic parts are molded at temperatures around 250F, when they cool, they shrink. When you have ribs like these, the shrinking is worse and will deform slightly at the joining surface. With a glossy painted surface, the distortion is more obvious. I am surprised that Ford didn't modify this design defect early on.
  21. Disabling Door Open Chime

    This "feature" is just poorly thought out. Give the human a display message of what the stupid chime is supposed to be telling you! Don't these engineers get training in Human Factors anymore? Ridiculous! Probably implemented by some programmer without any quality control checks.
  22. Dead Battery

    When I looked at my 2014 Fusion on the lot, (used, as of 2017) they had to jump the battery to get it working. After i bought it, the car warned after 1/2 of using the stereo with engine off that Batt voltage was low! Bought a Duralast Gold at Autozone, now everything is normal. These must be really crap batteries, after 45 years of driving, all my batteries lasted at least 5 years.
  23. Canister Purge Valve issues?

    To dcoffey99, I have heard that error codes can disable the remote start feature.
  24. 2008 front blinkers won't work

    Thank you for the advice. I will let my brother know so he can work on it when he has time.
  25. 2012 Fusion SEL and aftermarket radio

    Yes I did and it worked just fine. The display above kept the same info too. I don't have that car or radio anymore, but only because it was totaled, I have the 13 now with builtin nav
  26. 2014 1.6L cylender 3 misfire code.

    I ran across a video an Youtube from a Ford technician. He said that he is seeing misfire on cylinders 2 & 3 on high mileage ecoboost engines. He has talked to the factory and they told him to look for carbon buildup on the intake valves. He checked and found carbon buildup on intake valves for cyl 2 & 3. He attributes this to the PCV systems sending oily vapors back to the air intake near cyls 2 & 3. There is a can that is supposed to collect the crankcase oil, but I haven't researched it yet. Running injector cleaner thru the fuel system won't hit the intake valves on direct injection engines.
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