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  1. AWD?

    I believe all years since the debut in 2006 have had AWD as an option. It has been an option on all trim levels over the years, with the exception of being standard on the current 2017+ Fusion Sport. So just look for the AWD badge on the trunk or look underneath for the drive shaft to be sure.
  2. How does transponder work?

    Here's an explanation of how it works: http://www.atlaslockwa.com.au/products I would guess it's all contained in integrated circuit #1 in your picture. Maybe it needs battery power. Look at the circuit board traces to see what it's connected to. FYI be aware that by doing this you are effectively bypassing the transponder key security feature. Someone will be able to start your car by forcing the ignition or hot-wiring the ignition switch.
  3. Service advance trac and ABS alerts on

    A lot of auto parts store read them for free. They plug in a device under the dash and it communicates with the car and reads the codes. P0304 would be an example of a code produced. You can post them here and I'll give you advice. The auto parts stores will want to sell you parts right off the bat to try to fix it (like a new battery), but don't listen because they are not service technicians and are guessing at what the problem is to make a sale.
  4. Temp fluctuate

    Glad you sorted it out. The 2.5L seems to have thermostat problems occasionally, more than the other engines. Make sure you got all the air bled out, I know it was sometimes tricky on the older gens.
  5. Fog/Driving Light Upgrade - LED??

    All the housings I can find in my cursory search are for H11 bulbs. Perhaps someone knows otherwise, but I think you would be looking at making something completely custom if you want projectors. You would have to rig up a custom mounting system to place them behind the hole.
  6. Service advance trac and ABS alerts on

    Sounds like you are having problems with the electric power steering. This could be related to problems with the electrical system such as a bad alternator or battery, or a fault in the electric power steering module itself. If the lights are on, try to have the codes read and post them back here for more help. I would also have the battery and alternator checked as well.
  7. Intermittent Acceleration Problems with 2006 Ford Fusion

    I don't think the AC is the cause. However in certain failure modes the AC is disabled, so it's possible the AC not working is related to the engine not running correctly. I would advise you to have the car scanned for diagnostic trouble codes that might provide some clues.
  8. Spark plugs very tight

    If they are tight, you might have to spray penetrating oil down the wells and hope it helps (don't use too much though). Another method is to alternate tightening with loosening to try to break the threads free. But at some point you just have to go for it with lots of leverage and hope you don't strip out the threads on the heads.
  9. Check Brake System light on, help please!

    You paid $450 to have a vacuum hose replaced?! That's robbery. Codes don't tell you what to replace, the people reading them and trying to make money do. A Ford dealer that is EV certified should be looking at this if it involves the hybrid powertrain, not a private shop. Have another shop look at it. BTW, if you are tech savvy enough you can buy a $20 OBD-II code reader, modify it, and read all the codes yourself with a program called FORScan. If I know the specific codes I can help more, otherwise I'd just be taking wild guesses here.
  10. AM - FM - AM??

    If you have the cheap radio with the tiny display like this, then yes you have to press the radio button to switch between preset banks. It looks like you might also be able to use the arrows to select the blue transmitter icon and then use up/down arrows to switch the band.
  11. Temp fluctuate

    Make sure your radiator isn't frozen. Test the coolant to make sure it has enough antifreeze for your local climate. If that's good then I would be thinking about your water pump being bad. Sounds like it isn't pumping enough at idle to transfer the heat out of the block. If you step on the gas in park to raise the revs to 2500 and you suddenly have heat the pump is likely bad. You didn't specific which year or which engine so I can't be much more specific about what to check.
  12. Fog/Driving Light Upgrade - LED??

    The fog lamps use H11 bulbs. The reflector housing is precisely designed to focus the light emanating from the filament of that bulb. If you replace it with an LED bulb, the LEDs will not be at that precise position and the beam will not be as focused. Therefore you will have worse light output down the road with LED bulbs even if they claim to be brighter. If you want the most light down the road, I recommend you stick with H11 halogen bulbs. You can buy a brighter version like Sylvania XtraVision if you like. The other important thing to do if you want more light down the road (and most people forget this one), is to AIM your fog lights. It can make a HUGE difference if they aren't aimed properly, and a lot of them aren't from the factory. I have an article on here about that if you search, yours will look a little different but the idea's the same (there is an adjuster that take either a Torx or a Phillips bit next to the bulb). So again if you want the most light down the road, don't use LED bulbs.
  13. Intermittent Acceleration Problems with 2006 Ford Fusion

    Did you get any lights flashing or otherwise? First decide if it's the transmission or the engine. If you said it was running rough I'm inclined to think that it would be the engine. With the engine it could either be the ignition system or the throttle body. If you have bad spark plugs or ignition coils that can make the engine run rough, especially under a load like going up a hill. If you have an ignition misfire the check engine light will flash during the event. Do not continue to drive it if the check engine light is flashing, you will damage the engine and catalytic converters ($$$$). If you don't have a record of the spark plugs being changed in the past 100k miles I would change them, and inspect all the ignition coils for melting or cracks. The other thing that can happen is the throttle body can go bad. When this happens, the engine goes into failure mode. The throttle stops moving and stays open a certain amount, and then the PCM controls the engine speed by selectively cutting timing. When that happens you will notice the gas pedal having little to no effect, an extremely rough idle when you slow down or stop, accompanied by a wrench light. Usually restarting the engine will fix the problem temporality. The solution is to replace the throttle body.
  14. If that's why the coils/PCM failed this latest time again, then yes. The concern is the coils go bad and draw excessive current, which burns out the ignition drivers in the PCM. So if you put in a new PCM with bad coils it will go bad again. If your coils are going bad in a year, you are either using cheap non-motorcraft coils or you have bad spark plugs. The cause of failure should be investigated on the ignition side of things.
  15. 2007 fusion crank no start after engine swap

    If you hold a long screwdriver on metal near them, and then hold that to your ear and listen for clicks. Otherwise you can unplug a connector and verify you are getting pulses with a test light.