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  1. So it's our fault that you didn't do your own research and didn't ask any questions about specific products? Always gotta blame somebody else. SMDH
  2. It's a mode that saves the battery! It means the battery is weak and needs to be charged/changed. If it's more than 3 years old replace the battery and have the alternator tested.
  3. Is this a bad tire indicator?

    Be careful about those ratings - check the number of miles reported. It may be a really small sample.
  4. Is this a bad tire indicator?

    The only way I could get close to 58K miles on a tire is if I drove on grass. Continental and Michelin have always been good for me. These Continentals got great ratings on tirerack.com, but I would look to buy them from a local shop. They'll either match or come close to the tirerack price and you'll get better service if something goes wrong. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Continental&tireModel=PureContact+with+EcoPlus+Technology&partnum=345VR8PUREC&fromSurvey=true
  5. 2014 ford fusion se fwd snow handling

    Also - it may be necessary to turn off traction control when trying to ascend a hill in snow and ice.
  6. 2014 ford fusion se fwd snow handling

    Nothing is going to work on ice except chains or studs. As Art stated you really need winter tires. Consider buying some cheap wheels to go with the winter tires to make swapping easier. Tirerack has packages.
  7. 2013 Fusion Corrosion on Hood

    Tossed out on a technicality? That is completely inaccurate. One was fixed under warranty and one chose to do his own repairs without allowing Ford to repair it. Therefore there were no damages. There is no evidence that this problem affects resale values. That's not a technicality. Just get it fixed correctly and be done with it.
  8. You don’t think Ford makes a healthy profit on fleet trucks and vans? Some of those sticker for $75K. Don’t confuse government and commercial fleet sales with rental fleet dumping.
  9. New owner, OBD question

    That wouldn't account for the cable going back up into the dash. My guess would be an aftermarket security system or an OBD-II monitor.
  10. Only 10% were daily rentals and those are no longer stripped down models dumped for next to nothing. The majority of fleet sales are to governments and commercial which are very profitable. Most mfrs would kill to have Ford’s fleet business. This is not a problem.
  11. Run Flat Tires

    Is there no room for a temporary spare because of the batteries? You can always add a temporary spare but it may take up trunk space.
  12. First you go to the left side D button on the steering wheel, press left, then go back to whatever display mode you prefer. Next you go read the owner's manual where it explains how to do this and dozens of other things you need to know.
  13. Poor mileage - Engine Tuning?

    Not really, you can change fluid. Ford recommends changing fluid at 150K for normal conditions. I thought it was 60K for severe service. Most folks don't recommend going over 60k including tranny engineers. But not a sealed or lifetime unit. Interesting story - when the Lincoln LS came out in 99 there was no transmission dipstick so folks assumed that meant the tranny was sealed and you never had to check or change fluid. Not true - they simply ran out of room in the engine bay for the dipstick tube so they left it out. You still had to service it the same way but using a second hole to check the level instead of a dipstick - like a manual trans.
  14. Poor mileage - Engine Tuning?

    And as our friend the former Ford transmission engineer has told us repeatedly - if there is ever enough junk in the trans to block the filter the trans is already toast.
  15. Logging in Twice / Being Logged Out

    IOS works fine now!