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  1. Possessed Wipers

    No auto wipers. Wiper switch huh? Hmm.
  2. So my wifes car is having an issues with the wipers. Lately, when she gets in and starts he car, the wipers turn themselves on and go for about 4 times then stop. Also, they will speed up and slow down randomly. Am I looking at a new wiper motor or something else?
  3. My wife took the car in to the dealer for "The Works" and they checked the battery and stapled a receipt to the invoice. The receipt reads: "Battery is good, but low on charge. Fully charge battery. DTC Code: 7CF BLHU" What is the that DTC? I did a Google search and came up empty.
  4. Burned tail lights?

    The bulbs are nice and tight in the socket, always have been. Thats why I am puzzled as to why this happens. I just dont want a fire. Might be time to switch to LED
  5. Burned tail lights?

    Part # is from Tasca's website. Yes though, Benny is great!
  6. Burned tail lights?

    Thanks for the help To help anyone else who needs it, I will be more helpful (It is why we are here right?) instead of looking at 25,100 results, here is the info per Ford: Stop Lamp Bulb Socket 9E5Z-13411-B Sucks they retail for over $20 each! Yikes!
  7. Burned tail lights?

    Got a price and part #??
  8. Burned tail lights?

    On my wife's 2010 Fusion, The taillight bulbs on the right don't seem to last as long as the ones on the left. I looked at them both and they are burned. I attached a pic. What's the deal??
  9. Passenger side wheel cover warping

    No other thoughts?
  10. Passenger side wheel cover warping

    Aside from being on the road, the car spends the rest of its time in the garage at home or the parking garage at my wife's work.
  11. On our 2010 Fusion, I noticed the wheel covers continuously warping only on the passenger side. Anyone have any idea why this happens?? Tired of wasting money on these cheap wheel covers. I have never had issues with a wheel cover in my life!
  12. Third brake light?

  13. Third brake light?

    No, its not fully populated. Thats why I am asking.
  14. Third brake light?

    I was wondering if anyone has modified the 3rd brake light on the trunk lid of the '10' to '12 Fusions so all sections light up. If so, how did you do it?
  15. Horrible wheel covers!

    So what are the 16" from??