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  1. 2018 Order Guide

    Yes, that's the site I was trying to think of (cotus.ford.com). Thanks, I'll try it.
  2. 2018 Order Guide

    Wasn't there a site you could access to follow the progress of your ordered car? Can't seem to find it. I have a VIN# if that's required. Thanks
  3. 2018 Order Guide

    Any idea when the dealers can start taking orders for the 2018 Fusion?
  4. Tire & Rim Warranty?

    My F&I guy is on vacation. How much does a wheel/tire warranty usually cost?
  5. Tire & Rim Warranty?

    Thanks for the info on the tire pressure question. I'll check the label on the door jam and adjust the pressure in the morning when it's cold, before I head out for the day. With my discount, a new rim at the Ford dealership will run me $455.00. I can get a tire for about $120.00. Haven't checked out a wheel repair price yet. Also found a new (aftermarket) rim for $255.00. So, a few options to decide on.
  6. Tire & Rim Warranty?

    I've never heard about this wheel/tire insurance option. I used to work at the Dealership I bought the car at, and know the F&I guy very well. Surprised he didn't mention it to me. When I see him again (soon), I'll mention it to him. I've worked at Ford Dealerships all my life (in the parts dept.), and I know thewre are "ways" to cover things like this. I looked at the rim again this morning, and it's not as bad as originally thought, but it is scraped. I think the tire is OK. By the way, without checking the Owners Manuel, what is the correct tire inflation? According to my vehicle display, I'm running 37 front & 41 rear tire pressures. Seems a little high. Thanks for your replies.
  7. Tire & Rim Warranty?

    I recently hit a curb with my '17 Fusion SE (1500 miles). Bruised the tire (no leaks), but scraped up the rim pretty good. Any way Ford will warranty the tire (and or) rim? Could be considerable "out of pocket money". Just wondering. Thanks
  8. 2017 Fusion Order

    Just picked up my 2017 Fusion SE with 18 miles on it. I'll update as time goes by.
  9. I was told by my Dealer, that my 2017 Fusion SE is scheduled to be built on 8/15/2017. How soon can I print out a window sticker? Thanks
  10. 2017 Fusion Order

    Thanks for the info. With all of the cars I've owned in my life (I'm 63 years old), this is my first "factory order". So, it's a learning process for me. If what my dealer tells me is accurate, I should be taking delivery the first week of September. Waiting for Ford to come through with some financing/bonus programs too (Owner Loyalty, 0% Financing, etc). I'll check out that sticker site & ETIS site. Thanks again.
  11. 2017 Fusion Order

    When I access the ETIS website, my Vin # comes up as a 2002 Ford Transit. ????????????????????
  12. 2017 Fusion Order

    I forgot to mention. My dealer wasn't able to print out a window sticker for me either. I wonder if this vehicle is on some kind of "hold" or delay. Maybe a backlog on the Fusion?
  13. 2017 Fusion Order

    Just left my dealer today. The order for my new 2017 Fusion SE was placed on 5/12/2016. He said he just got a VIN #. He said the build date is 8/15/2016, with a delivery date of 8/29/2016. I can't get the Vin # to go in on the coyusb site to check on the progress. Does that seem like a long time from order date to delivery? Thanks
  14. Very Poor Gas Mileage!

    Just checked my mileage. Getting 28.3 mpg combo city/highway. 2015 Fusion SE 2.0 with 7k miles. Use cruise whenever I can.
  15. Tail lights

    I would like to do this modification to my 2015 SE Ecoboost Fusion, but it sounds like it's not "doable" right now. Maybe down the road they'll be a fix.