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  1. Backing into a truck is not fun

    Wow! Sorry for the bad luck. I'd ask if the RPA was active, but I backed into a parked car while backing out of my driveway with the RPA beeping like crazy - I thought it was seeing the car parked on the other side of the driveway! Felt like a big dope - and of course is was a beautiful evening and everyone in the flipping neighborhood was out at the time. What is the damage estimate?
  2. Radio Operatio

    Slow down Akirby, I'm trying to take notes ...
  3. Rear speakers

    ... and it's fun to watch the rear window vibrate when you're cranking the volume!
  4. New Rust

    I fixed the spot too, but I'll need to redo it this spring. It's just something about that place in the seam. I'll need to redo the spot on the trunk lid also. Easy work, and considering I live in the land of road salt and brine, if that's as bad as it gets I'll be lucky.
  5. Good advice from FusionDiffusion. Knowing the car sat for several weeks, is it possible the battery is weak? Weird electrical issues pop up when the battery voltages drops near the threshold. Maybe disconnect the battery for a few minutes to reset the computers then put a good charge on the battery. This won't apply, of course if you know the battery is good. Just a thought. Also, the system won't work if the little warning speaker located on the rear parcel shelf craps out. I'm not sure if a speaker failure also prevents the sensors from clicking. Good Luck!
  6. Heated Seat Issue

    I looked into the aftermarket stuff too, but bought the Ford parts. The heat pad is a resistive electrical device, and my butt would be sitting on it so I decided the perfect fit part was the best way to go.
  7. Shocks or Struts?

    Easy to confuse terminology. Monroe even refers to the front coil over replacements for my 2010 Sport as "quick-struts". Anyway, you make a good point and I've corrected folks who use the term "motor" to refer to an internal combustion engine - they look at me like I'm from another planet.
  8. The ambulance manufacturing company I work for pays over 55k for bare chassis F550 XLT's. We easily go through well over 100 per year. Pretty sure Ford not cutting margins on those!
  9. Cabin Air Filter - 20k don't

    Wow - you could have planted potatoes in that old filter!
  10. Yes - look around the driver side kick panel under the dash. You should be able to find a couple wires with a small red led on the end. The installer uses this as an indicator for programming the unit. It may be tucked inside the top of the kick panel. I contacted my Ford dealer to have one installed on my 2010. They have a technician that sub-contacts with them and he installed the Ford 2-button remote start. He came to my office, installed the unit, and was down the road in 15 minutes. Best $125 I ever spent!
  11. Some help diagnosing suspension issue?

    Just installed a set on my 2010 Sport. Search "Front Struts" or just scroll down a little under the new content and you'll find it. It's an easy job if you have average car-guy skills, but you could have big issues if you don't. They are a couple YouTube videos, so watch those first. If you are a little short on skills, invite a car-nut friend over to lend advice. Basically just removing a bunch of nuts and bolts, swapping the parts, and reassembling in reverse order. Good luck and work safe!
  12. Front Struts

    WWWPerfA_ZNOW - no warning at all. At first I thought the tire blew, but when I pulled over on the berm I found that was not the case. The larger part of the coil fell down over the top of the yoke, so it was easy to figure out what happened.
  13. Front Struts

    Sirtanon - looks like you got your moneys worth out of the OEM's !!! Just a note - have a floor or bottle jack handy, you'll need it to lift the lower control arm to take the weight off it to help remove the sway bar bolt after you remove the nut - it will likely be in a bind. Have your hex wrenches handy too - you'll need to hold the the sway bar bolt to remove the nut. I won't elaborate on how long I turned that stupid nut before I realized something wasn't right. The first side took 2 hours to change the other side took 40 minutes - learning curve! Droids1 - yep, looks the the same problem. I think I remember reading that post now, but when I searched the Forum I didn't find any matches. Short term memory loss. I tried to have the guys at the dealership give me a quote, but they won't do it without seeing the car. Even after shelling out $400 for the quick struts I'm sure I saved some change. I did find out the Sport has different struts, so that explains the price.
  14. Front Struts

    I was motoring down the freeway last week in my 2010 Sport when the bottom turn on the right front coil spring broke . I didn't hit anything, it was just fatigued and decided to do a mic drop. If you've never had coil crap out at 75 mph, believe me - it's a real treat. I was only about 2 miles from home so I limped it back to my garage, and removed the left front strut and inspected it too. The bottom coil had a large crack in it also, so I purchased a set of Monroe quick struts. Really easy to install and they ride very nice. I tried to attach a photo of the car, but I'm not sure it made the trip. Anyhow, the front end fell far enough that I couldn't see the top third of the tire inside the wheel well. I only have 70K miles on the car, so if you have a similar model you may want to inspect the struts and coils, or better yet, just go ahead and replace them. Anyone have a similar problem?
  15. New Exhaust set-up! (Video)

    Sounds great. Thanks for the video