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  1. 17x7 oem ford wheels 55mm offset

  2. 2017 ford fusion 18x8 wheels

    Still available make an offer
  3. 17x7 oem ford wheels 55mm offset

    Still available make an offer
  4. 2017 Fusion SE terrible ride

    I was in the same boat as you with a 2017 on 18s. Usually you can get discount tire to give you 200 for your tires when they are pretty new. ive done it many times and just did it on my 2017. i am selling my 18 inch wheels and went down to 16s. the car now drives like a grand marquis with the air shocks. i had one of those new in 06. the fusion ride great now. there is room if you want to just put a slighlty taller tire on your 18s too. speedo will be off a little though. i went with a 225/60/16 and its only half inch taller and there is still more room left.
  5. These are my 2016 ford cmax wheels. perfect shape as the pics show. i am selling them locally from livonia michigan. I would like to sell them as a set but will separate if i must. Asking 500 for set or 150 each. name is matt and you can text call email or contact me through this site. 734 589 3058 morbecky1974@gmail.com
  6. These came off my wifes new fusion that we bought 2 months ago. I would prefer to sell them as a set and i would like to do a local sale. I see these listed at 275 to 320 per wheel on ebay which is crazy i think. I am willing to sell the set for 650 or 200 per wheel. We live in livonia Mi. I also have 17 x 7 wheels from my 16 cmax listed you can text, call, email, or write me on the site name is matt 734 589 3058 morbecky1974@gmail.com
  7. the brakes look better to me in a wheel that looks like its designed to match the size vs the look where the disc and caliper are floating in space on a large diameter wheel.
  8. i did the black fusion today. went from 245/45/18 to 225/60/16 with pirelli cinturado strada tires from discount tire. Did the cmax a earlier in the week. went from 225/50/17 to 215/60/16 pirelli p7 cinturado all season plus. The fusion is only about a half inch larger in diameter. 60.7 miles an hour when you are registering 60 on the speedo. the fusion was the same diameter as before but i changed the wheel offset to push it out a bit and fill the wells. both cars now drive much better and the fusion is the biggest difference ive ever experienced in a tire change. with the reduced unsprung weight and adding so much sidewall the car just drives fantastic. Its a super soft quiet ride and it accelarated better than before. Its an ecoboost awd which was quick before but now it just feels way better. i am the opposite of most people but i think if people really knew how negatively large rims and tiny sidewall really impacted every aspect of the drive they would go in the opposite direction. till then ill enjoy the better ride at a discounted price. tall sidewalls and small wheels are way easier on the wallet.
  9. Pirelli P7 citurado all season plus or the michielin that were mentioned above. They are the number one and two rated tires in the grand touring category. Good performance, lots of comfort, good in snow too. I have a 2017 and just ordered the P7 with new 16 inch wheels. Gonna sell the 18 inch ones it came with. i cant stand big heavy wheels with tires that have such small sidewalls. They may look pretty but if you want good mileage, smooth ride, less worries about potholes, better acceration, and a longer lasting tire, there is only one choice. A tire with a higher sidewall like a 60 series which means a smaller rim. Just my thoughts and im sure many will disagree
  10. 20 inch rims feedback request

    i always try to put the smallest diameter wheel with the highest profile tire on every car or truck i buy. smoother ride, no worries about pot holes, better gas mileage, longer tire life, more tire choices, much better tires and they usually cost half as much as the rubber band tires. much safer too. ill admit some show cars look nice with big wheels n low profile tires but they are just not appropriate for everyday family safety/comfort
  11. i know im a few days late on this one. The fusion comes with 16 17 18 and 19 inch rims. the overall diameter of the tire the factory uses makes each one within a few tenths of an inch of eachother so the ecu will not have to be reprogramed. the smaller wheels will definetly give a better ride and be safer on crappy roads. the tires will not cost as much to replace and you wont have to worry about hitting a big hole and messing up those big rims and rubber band tires. you will also have a much larger selection of tires when it comes time to replace them. also you get much more mileage out of higher profile tires on smaller rims. 20k to 30k is about the max you will get out of a expensive low profile tire. i work at flat rock where we build the fusion and mustang. the higher trim level you are looking at is made in mexico though, but the advice i gave you still applies. good luck and thank you for buying a ford. if they make you take the 19s im sure many people on here would trade you for one of the other sizes. i have the 17 inch and they ride pretty good. the base model has the 16 inch and will have the smothest ride. hope i helped
  12. U.S. built Fusion

    It seems there is much misinformation being published here. A US fusion and a mexican fusion may look alike but that is only skin deep. Both plants actually use many different suppliers for all those little bits, that make the car a complete entity. Yes, i just bought a flat rock assembled car. I also helped build it. I buy american at any chance i get. I buy american made clothes and union made clothes every chance i get. I have bought american made appliances. I just bought an all american made furniture set too. Electronics are a bit harder to find buy they are out there. I am not the only one buying american these days either. There has been a big swing toward people wanting american from american manufacturers in the last few years. Do your research and know whats out there. Over the last 50 years enough money has left this country.
  13. Flat Rock or Mexico ?

    Definitely buy from USA. The flat rock Michigan plant is building them because of their proven quality with the mustang. Its a state of the art facility capapable of building multiple platforms side by side. You will also be supporting many more American vendors in the process. Each dollar spent here comes back to you one way or another.