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  1. HID headlights? getting dim?

    That is why I was confused about the lighting output. They still seem very clear. They have some scratching from a "detailer" who seemed to use a scotchbrite pad to remove bugs or tar from the whole front end, but this image is after that event had happened.
  2. HID headlights? getting dim?

    The bulbs are original to the car, as far as I know. I was trying to search as to whether or not LED bulbs might be a better bet, but watching youtube videos of replacements/reviews..... it seems that the reviewERS are most excited about the look, and not the light output. Seeing a test drive comparison, with the camera facing forward, it doesn't seem to be an actual benefit: white light instead of yellow, but not seeming to reach as far.
  3. side view mirror auto dim

    Yes, the body shop replaced it with what I think was a used unit (mirror glass looked brand new though). The defrost on that mirror also stopped working. I emailed the body shop again and they are going to be replacing it with a different unit. Thanks for the help. All of the electronics on this car have me a little worried to work on it, when the miles rack up higher, and the repairs become larger.
  4. HID headlights? getting dim?

    I guess that you are correct. They are an H11 halogen. Maybe it is just some light hazing on my lenses, but isn't as severe as say.... a 1994 ford Taurus yellowed lens, so it isn't as noticeable, but must be breaking up the light a little too much.
  5. Horrible Costly News: Transmission

    I think that the fusion manual says to change the fluid at 150,000 miles. The filter isn't serviceable....... so they figure that it is good for the life of the vehicle. I saw a youtube video from a ford mechanic that stated his recommendation of changing the fluid every 60,000 miles. the shop that I took my car to get the trans swapped out recommended 30,000 mile changes. >>>they have seen problems with escapes, fusions, the Lincoln version of the fusion, and focus auto transmissions. I have a coworker who is looking to get the same vehicle as mine but has 60,000 miles. I told him to make sure that he gets that changed. what year Honda? that is a new one to the list......
  6. HID headlights? getting dim?

    I thought that they were HID on the Titaniums? Thank you for the link!
  7. side view mirror auto dim

    yes, the interior rear view mirror is auto dimming, and it seems that the right hand side exterior mirror cuts down the glare (looks dark). As of today, it seems that the defrost also doesn't work anymore on that mirror......
  8. HID headlights? getting dim?

    I use my auto-headlight switch. I suppose that the headlights are almost always on while driving. I have never had a car with HID headlights.... Do they eventually wear out instead of just burning out? During winter, it is typical to get slop and dirt on the front of the car, covering the headlights, so I always wipe them off to make sure that I can see....... BUT! there hasn't been much there to clean off and I still have pretty dim lights. They used to be very bright, but now, having the high beams on seem to be equal to the low beams' former performance. What is going on?
  9. side view mirror auto dim

    I had to have some bodywork done on my car. I got a slight discount on the work, so they washed their hands of responding to any problems..... I got the vehicle back, and the auto-dimmer on my driver's side view mirror no longer auto-dims. I found a pdf for service and removal of the door panel...... but I don't think that the shop had to remove the door panel to mess with the mirror. is there a quick and/or easy way to check if this can be corrected? Are ALL side view HEATED mirrors also auto-dimming? I do not remember them asking me about auto-dimming during the insurance quote.
  10. Horrible Costly News: Transmission

    I actually found a lower mileage (38,xxx) trans for $925 shipped to the trans shop. I had them swap in my new mounts (2 out of three) while they were doing the swap. My end total price was $697 labor. (I wish that I had the time to do it myself, but I guess I would still have had to get the computer reprogrammed?) The place that I bought the used trans from didn't want the old as a core. I originally had hoped to tear into my original trans and rebuild it/find out why newer transmissions suck so freaking bad......I decided NOT to keep the old trans....The rebuild kits that I found online were no where near complete: only a filter and a few gaskets included in the kit. I have too many things going on now, and can't afford the extra real estate in the garage for a trans that might need to sit for 3 years before I can tear into it. END notes: during the beginning of December cold snap, my trans was acting worse. In eastern Ohio, during Christmas and most of January, we were usually around 8* +/- 10*.....my trans DIDN'T mess up during that time. I still decided to have the trans changed. The original warning was that it COULD get me through the winter. The typical action of slipping in snow then grabbing on pavement would have supposedly worn it out a little quicker. I drive close to 50 miles to get to work and/or to pick up my son. I was afraid to be stuck out on the road for too long in the cold. I FEEL like I used half of a tube of (VERY EXPENSIVE) toothpaste and threw it in the trash. 113,xxx miles is too few of miles for a transmission. I can't really say that I will never buy a newer ford again, but hearing about other peoples' stories with newer dodges, chevys, Toyotas..... I won''t be buying any newer vehicle unless I can get a damn manual. 113,xxx miles....... in a car....... that drives on relatively flat ALL highway miles.... that is really unacceptable to me.
  11. Car shutting off while driving

    nope. still doing fine.
  12. Horrible Costly News: Transmission

    ........aAAAAAAaaaannnnndddddd........ The battery went out yesterday. $115 at the cheapest. only 3 year warranty. Since the hard shifting started way worse with the colder weather, and batteries usually die out in the cold weather, I will be watching this problem (plus my gas mileage) closely to see if any change occurs with the new battery.
  13. I drive ALLLLLLlllll highway, everyday about 110 miles........and I drive like a grandma My car is currently just under 110,000 miles. I took it to the transmission shop yesterday and got the call today: Fluid was pretty close to black, unable to change the filter, computer comes up with slow shift from 2-3 and 3-4. Expects me to need a new transmission (2500 rebuild or 3500 re-man unit) just after winter. I read in the manual the other day that a fluid change wasn't required until 150,000 miles. I took it to the ford dealer a few months ago, in spring. I said it seemed like it was shifting harder or the engine was rocking. I assumed that with mileage, the motor mounts needed replaced and the harder shift FEELING was just from the soft mounts allowing the engine to deflect while shifting. ....They didn't find anything and could not feel what I was talking about....they didn't charge me. Recently, the reason that I called the local trans shop was just for an early fluid and filter change, and he asked me why I'd like to do that. I told him that it started to shift even harder. After they ran the diagnostic, he called to explain what it was doing, saying that ......(all of the following may be incorrect info from my memory, as I do not know the full workings of an automatic transmission and feel that I am a manual trans fan) pressure builds up in the line and creates the delayed shift/hard shift feeling that was created from the wearing discs that will eventually be too worn and I will need a replacement. I still owe on my car, but do not have any warranty that will cover any of this. If it really does quit just after winter, I will have a vehicle that will have to be parked and not driven, while I finish up the payments.....I just waxed/clay bar-ed it too.... Why are all brands of all new cars so bad on automatic transmissions?
  14. aftermarket rotors and pads

    I have the powerstop setup on mine: drilled and slotted plus ceramic pads. I have the same car but in AWD. I have had them on for about 1.5 years. So far, everything seems fine, but I need to check the rear thickness again. For some reason (I think it is the hill assist) the rear pads wear down about 300% faster than the fronts (a traditional car wears the fronts).
  15. 2013 Fusion Transmission Fluid Level

    I would highly recommend changing the steps to this: warm the engine & transmission >>>>>>>> remove transmission oil filler cap >>>>>>> remove transmission oil leveling plug >>>>>>remove transmission drain plug - (about half of the 9 quarts will drain) fill transmission with new transmission oil until oil begins to drain out of the oil leveling hole, establishing the correct oil level (no dipstick needed) replace oil leveling hole plug and filler cap Make sure that your fill plug can be removed before you drain all oil. These may be newer cars, but in certain areas, corrosion can still get the best of your components. I was a member on a foreign car board and people were often draining their fluids and unable to get the fluids back in, due to seized fill plugs (Porsche transaxles)