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  1. Universal Garage Door Opener Fixed Code?

    Thanks for the info. It looks to me like the most important steps are numbers 0 and 9.
  2. Owner of Ford Fusion 2006, New to Forum

    Welcome, James. I hope this forum proves beneficial to you. I've learned a lot about my Fusion from reading the posts here.
  3. 2017 rattling noise

    You say it happens every time you drive your car on the highway. When you take it in for your next appointment, get one of their service techs to ride with you. Take the car out on the highway and show him what you're talking about. If, for some reason, you don't hear the noise, put him in the back seat. It might be possible that the weight in the passenger's seat might have some effect on the noise. Noises like that can be really hard to pinpoint. I had one once which I was convinced was coming from the foot well in front of the passenger's seat. My roommate rode along with me and was convinced it was coming from in front of the driver's seat. After a lot of frustration and experimentation, we finally discovered that the noise was coming from the middle of the car. It was in the spring button on the emergency brake handle. Have the tech ride along with you, and you should be able to reproduce the noise so he can hear it. Good luck.
  4. Signing in twice

    I'm using Firefox version 55.0.3 and Windows 10.
  5. Signing in twice

    Thanks. I was beginning to think that no one else knew about this problem. I'm glad to see that I'm not alone. I hope they can get things straightened out soon. I know when you make some changes that it sometimes takes awhile to get everything working exactly the way you want. I guess we all have just got to have a little patience. Thanks again.
  6. Signing in twice

    Since the changes were made to the site this last weekend, it seems like I now have to sign in twice every time I visit the site. When I go to http://www.fordfusionforum.com/ , I am presented with the screen asking me to sign in. After I enter mu user name and password and click on the "sign in" box, I'm taken to another page where the sign in box is still there, but my name and password are already filled in. So I have to click on the sign in box once more in order to reach the forum. In both of these sign in screens, I have checked the "remember me" box. I thought that should eliminate the necessity of having to sign in each time. The way the setup was before, every time I would go to the forum, my user name was already there on the page and I didn't need to sign in. I think I would have to verify my password about once a month or so, but no more often than that. Am I doing something wrong under the new setup? I surely would like to not have to sign in each time I visit the forum, and I certainly don't want to have to navigate through two different sign in screens. Does anybody have any ideas as to what different techniques I might try to not have to sign in (once of twice) every time? Thanks.
  7. (Gave the Fusion a nice wash & wax the other night

    Looks great! Wanna do mine for me?
  8. Nice 2012 SE: Now how do I keep it that way?

    You frequently see that in Consumer Reports. The 2012 was the last model year of the previous generation, and the 2013 was the first model year of the next generation. By the time the 2012 was in production, they had worked most of the bugs out and it was a pretty reliable car. Being the first of the next generation, the 2013 had the usual amount of first model year bugs that were gradually fixed over time.
  9. Got any pictures?
  10. It's definitely not mileage based on my 2012. I don't drive that much, --- I have only gone 900 miles since my last oil change, but my IOLM says I have 44% life left. That means the system thinks I have used up 56% of my oil life in less than 1000 miles. A couple years ago I took a 1200 mile trip right after an oil change. My monitor showed 99% when I departed. When I got back home, my IOLM showed 90% remaining. The trip was mostly freeway driving with cruise control on. That is much easier on the engine than the around town stop- and-go driving that I usually do. That makes me think that the system really does analyze your type of driving to calculate your oil life.
  11. Sync update

    I got a call from Ford today saying that they still were working on the problem I reported about not being able to update my Sync system. This was the call I was supposed to get about a week ago, but I guess better late than never, right? Anyway, I told them how I was able to work around the problem and that I reported a successful update to Ford, and that they had responded to me that they received my report. I think that since I reported success that they will drop whatever efforts they were making to change the instructions on their web site. I have saved the steps I used to get the update to work, and if Ford ever comes up with a new update I will at least have a backup procedure to follow if I have any difficulty.
  12. Sync update

    Yeah, at least for my radio, the steps they gave on the web site didn't work. Their step 6 said something like...prompts will display. Press Seek until Install Applications is highlighted. Then press OK. I could never get Install Applications to appear on the display. What worked for me was after I got USB Selected to display during step 5, I turned the right-hand radio knob (the one for station tuning) until the display showed System Settings. Press OK. Then turn the knob until Advanced appears on the display. Press OK. Turn the knob again until Install Applications appears. Press OK. Then continue on with step 7 from the web site. That's what worked for me. I don't know if there is something wrong with my radio, or if I misread their instructions on the web site, or if their instructions need to be tweaked a little. Anyway, that's what worked for me. I would suggest that you try to follow their web site instructions first and see if it works for you. If not, you may want to try what worked for me. I can't make any guarantees, but like I said, it did work for me. Good Luck.
  13. Sync update

    I finally got the problem solved with a little help from Ford. I called the Sync customer service number and explained to the tech that I was following the instructions on the web site but never got to the point where "Install Application" appeared on my radio's display. He suggested that I go out to the car and he talked me through the steps to determine which version of Sync I had installed. We determined that there was one update available to get me up to the most current version. He said he couldn't help me any further, and that he would kick my case up to the next higher level, but they would have to get back to me the next day because they were about to close right then. At one point while I was following his instructions to determine the Sync version I have, one of those steps led to a display of "Install Application" on my radio's screen. Fortunately, I remembered how I got to that point, and after I hung up from the phone call, I took my USB drive out to the car, inserted it into the USB port, and repeated the steps to get to the display reading "Install Application." I hit OK and the update then started. I got the "Installation Complete" message on the display and the audio message that the update was successful. I then removed the USB drive, inserted it in my computer and reported the successful update to the SyncMyRide site. Everything appears to be working fine now, and I wrote down the steps to take so I can do it again the next time there is a new update available. Of course, Ford never did get back to me the next day!
  14. Sync update

    That's not what I got when I unzipped. The first file for me appears to be the same size as yours but mine has a date of 2/19/2017, where yours is dated 4/30/2016. There's more differences in the second file. Mine is a different size than yours, 112,490 KB instead of 109,230 KB, Where your file name ends with "AF.sec" mine ends with "AG.sec", and the dates are different as well. The next four seem to have the same name and file size, but the dates are different. Of the remaining three, one of yours matches the name of mine but the file size and date are different. Now it gets interesting. You have two files that I don't have, and I have two that you don't. Your last two are E1BT-14D546-GA.CAB and FJ5T-1D546-JA.pks. Mine are E1BT-14D546-MB and E1BT-14D546-PA. These are not even close to one another. I suppose the difference might be because your Fusion is a 2011 and mine is a 2012 model, but I'm not sure. I tried to do the update again this morning, but it still hangs up at the same place. Still confused....
  15. Sync update

    When I unzipped the file, i got a folder named SyncMyRide with nine files in it, and two other files. One is called install.lst, and the other is autoinstall.lst. I used a brand new, freshly formatted (FAT32) USB drive. I inserted that USB drive into two other computers, and none of them had a problem recognizing what was on the drive. I'll try again with the same drive tomorrow. If that doesn't work, I'll see if I can find another one lying around, I'll try unzipping the files to that drive and see if I have any better luck with that one. Thanks for the advice.