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  1. I finally blacked out the chrom on the back to match the grille and fog lamp surrounds I did a few months back.
  2. 2017 Energi Lowered and Tinted

    I believe the honeycomb on the 2017 is only on the Platnium vehicles. Mine had chrome bars and I used plastidip and sprayed them black along with the fog lamp surrounds. The 2017 grille will not fit a 2016. I used plastidip on my 2015 as well. Here are a few photos.
  3. Ford Taurus

    Speaking of.. Saw this on the way home from work
  4. 2017 Energi Lowered and Tinted

    The car is filthy, but this will give an idea of 35% tint. Actually, I found a photo on my phone from a sunny day..
  5. That's correct. If the fog lamps are on, they automatically shut off as soon as the high beams engage.
  6. So, what car did you part with to get your Fusion?

    Turned in my 2015 Energi lease and leased a 2017 Energi.
  7. 2017 Energi Lowered and Tinted

    I'll get a photo of the CMAX tomorrow if it doesn't rain.. It looks darker than it is on this rainy, cloudy day.
  8. 2017 Energi Lowered and Tinted

    30-35% is close to the factory tint on the rear of an SUV. My wife has 35% on the sides and rears and it looks good. Not too dark, but better than the fishbowl look lol Wow, if we had that law here, I'd have to get a doctor note or wear my sunglasses at night lol
  9. 2017 Energi Lowered and Tinted

    I didn't care for the out of place looking Fusion and Energi emblems on the doors. I left the emblems on the decklid. I really like the car, it's my third in 3 years. I had a 2014 EcoBoost Titanium, 2015 Energi, and now the 2017. I just like it to look a little different than every other one on the road. The heat and AC are great.. My eyes are light sensitive and I like the way it looks.
  10. How many miles in EV only?

    I get 20-24 EV miles during the cold months and 26-30 in the warm months. Most of my driving is done in the city with quite a bit of stop and go. I've noticed that using climate control in my 2017 doesn't affect the EV miles as much as it did in my 2015. My best tank in my 2015 was 5,200 miles. My best in my 2017 so far is just over 2,000 but I've been remote starting it every day and have done quite a bit of expressway / longer distance driving.
  11. Here are a few photos of my 2017 Energi. It had just finished raining, but the beauty of silver is the ability to hide the dirtiness. Mods are: lowering springs, blacked out grille and fog lamp surrounds, tint (5% all but windshield, 35% windshield) and removed door badges. Compared to stock height Front Rear
  12. Fusion Ecoboost Fuel Mileage

    My previous car was a 2.0L EcoBoost Titanium. I tuned the car within a week of buying it, so it still had 87 octane fuel in in when I got to Livernois, so I got the device loaded with Livernois' custom 87, 89, 91, and 93 octane tune files. I immediately noticed improved throttle response and the transmission calibration was much improved! Shifts were much more firm and precise and it no longer felt lazy or like the trans is slipping between gears. In stock form, the car would chirp the tires (barely) and go. Even with the 87 octane tune loaded, you have to roll into the throttle or the tires spin through first, chirp on the 1-2 shift, and spin through the rest of second gear. If you roll into it, it still spins a bit and chirps the tires on the 1-2, but it feels much quicker. After filling with 93 octane and loading the 93 octane tune, I took it back to put it on the dyno. The 93 octane tune felt almost like going from stock to the 87 octane tune in terms of seat of the pants gain. This is without a doubt, the best modification for these cars. In addition to the increased power, it gets much better fuel economy. In stock form with 87 octane, I was seeing 22.5 avg mpg (all city). With the Livernois 87 octane tune, even with some spirited driving, I was seeing just over 26 mpg (all city). Here's the dyno sheet. Check out the stock curve (blue) vs tuned (red). By far the best mod for these cars!!
  13. What's the coolest car you've ever driven?

    It's a beast, but very drivable. With the mods, it was more efficient and got better fuel economy than it did stock.
  14. What's the coolest car you've ever driven?

    Thanks! ZL1's are awesome cars! I set the 1/4 mile record and held it for a year with Livernois Motorsports ZL1. It was the first to run a 9-Second 1/4 mile. A lot of people were chasing the 9-second slip, but it wasn't as easy as most thought.