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  1. New Wheels!

    Looks great! Any rubbing issue? I'm planning to upgrade my wheels also and I'm thinking of getting the centerline wheels or Enkei.
  2. Bug deflector

    Check out the 3m paint defender. It is a spray film that offers paint protection.
  3. Cold Air Intake

    It can improve the sound but you won't see tremendous hp gain.
  4. smaller diameter exhaust pipe

    It will just change the sound and nothing more.
  5. Blacked out decklid / taillight chrome

    Interesting. Too bad, the pics are not loading anymore.
  6. Advice on blacking out chrome

    I would use plastidip so that I can go back to original look easily.
  7. brake fluid type

    I agree. Why your friend did it without asking you first?
  8. Rear Wheel Bearing

    I replaced mine with SKF last year and have no issues until now.
  9. aftermarket rotors and pads

    For the pads, I personally like the Akebono ceramic pads.
  10. Rubber Floor Mats for AWD 2010-12 Fusion

    How's the rubber quality of the 3d mats? Post some pics when you can. Just curious how they fit inside.
  11. Coilover suspension

    There are threads already covered this topic about coilovers like this-- http://www.fordfusionclub.com/206-suspension-brakes/625682-best-coilovers-money.html
  12. Grill and wheels!

    If you are not sure if the color of your wheels will give a nice contrast, use plastidip first. In this route, you can go back to stock appearance any time you want..
  13. Appearance mod tips?

    I think it is worth giving a try. Besides plastidip is easy to remove and not to mention inexpensive.
  14. Looking for these wheels but .........

    Generally, adapters are safe though they can put more stress on your wheel bearings.
  15. Ford Fusion Exhaust

    The magnaflow and borla are just some popular options. Both will sound good so it will just depend on the tone you want.