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  1. 2018 Order Guide

    I have ordered a blue 2018 SE with the sport package, sync touch screen and navigation. We are keeping our ginger ale 2013 SE, we will be a 2 Fusion family. It is due in Jan or Feb 2018.
  2. 2013 Fusion SE Posessed and Haunted

    So Blackberry has been teetering on bankruptcy and non existence for a few years now, I question Ford's wisdom using QNX as the base OS for SYNC 3. It surprises me that Ford hasn't hired a huge team of engineers to develop their own OS to control the car functions. I will mention the volume control switches but it does seem to be temperature related. The Sync also has been delaying for longer than normal when the car is first started too. The APIM was the main cause of the draw in the system the last time the dealer had it for so long.
  3. 2013 Fusion SE Posessed and Haunted

    I have talked with the dealer principal at my selling dealer, the service advisor was apologetic and will gladly work on the SYNC system to try to resolve the problem, the car has 43K on it and is under a Ford ESP. I have decided that this will be the last car that I want with a touch screen system, it has been such a nightmare. I would love to special order a radio delete car and install an aftermarket system that works properly. Ford needs to really consider some sort of direct upgrade for the Microsoft systems to the Android system for those of us that have lost faith in the electronics. My other concern is what happens in 5-10 years when the Microsoft system is no longer supported? Hopefully by that time there will be an aftermarket solution. As for this car we are getting more info for the dealer to help diagnose the problem, personally I hope the system just plumb quits so there is no question about what is broken.
  4. 2013 Fusion SE Posessed and Haunted

    It has been several months and the weather has gotten cooler, the radio has worked fine until yesterday, now the volume is going up and down. It seems that Sync Systems are really a headache for dealerships and they don't want to mess with them, I am having trouble finding a place that wants to work on it.
  5. 2013 Fusion SE Posessed and Haunted

    So far so good, the car appears to be repaired. The problem all stemmed from a faulty replacement APM installed to repair the radio, the APM was causing a draw that would drain the battery overnight. In an effort to find the problem Ford replaced the alternator, body control module and several other items. Once the APM was determined to be the failed part a replacement was ordered and installed and the draw was fixed. The Ford Reps assisted the dealer by escalating the support case up the chain to the field engineers and assisting the dealer with the parts orders.
  6. 2013 Fusion SE Posessed and Haunted

    Yes, it was especially noticeable when the A/C was trying to adjust for a cooler day.
  7. 2013 Fusion SE Posessed and Haunted

    We have the car back again, the dealer had to reload the SYNC system to fix the phone issue and replaced a small fan under the dash that pulls interior air across a sensor to read the temperature in the car for the automatic temperature control system. Crossing my fingers everything is working now.
  8. 2013 Fusion SE Posessed and Haunted

    Arghh!!! Still not right, phone syncs, calls can go out and in but can't hear anything, tried 2 phones. My Touch Phonebook screen sensitivity is off, hit the selection and it pulls the name below it. There is also a motor noise in the dash. Will be calling dealer on Monday morning. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!!!! All of these problems were not part of the original problem.
  9. 2013 Fusion SE Posessed and Haunted

    After 2 months we finally have the car back, so far so good but it has only been 1 day. Once I am confident that the complaints appear to be resolved I will post the resolutions.
  10. 2013 Fusion SE Posessed and Haunted

    I have been in contact with the Ford rep and dealer. The district Field Service Engineer and others are heavily involved and making progress with a possible solution to the radio and draw problem, they are hitting one problem at a time.
  11. 2013 Fusion SE Posessed and Haunted

    Body Control Module did not fix the problem and the radio issue is still there.
  12. 2013 Fusion SE Posessed and Haunted

    2 months in the shop, still has salt on it from the last snow storm.
  13. 2013 Fusion SE Posessed and Haunted

    Yeah, I don't understand the manufacturers now. When I worked as a service manager I would not stop to get a car fixed, if it cost Ford money, oh well, the customer came first. Now they penny pinch every warranty repair and could care less how the customer feels or is inconvenienced. I am glad I got out of the car business.
  14. 2013 Fusion SE Posessed and Haunted

    Dealer installed new alternator, still has a draw, still suspect of BCM but Ford has them running more tests. What color is my car again? Oh, its ginger ale, been so long since I have seen it.
  15. 2013 Fusion SE Posessed and Haunted

    I talked to the CSM yesterday and stopped by the dealership, unless there is a Field Service Engineer that can be onsite with the techs there is really not much more a call from the CSM can do.