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  1. If you are in the business of installing these products for a living, I suspect you could do the install in an hour or so. I'd also be interested in hearing from any hobbyist who has actually installed a unit in a 2012 in 25 minutes. Let us know your experience with the Fortin kit.
  2. 2014 FWD real wheel bearing

    Suggest you avoid the Moog part so that you don't have to do the job again in 18 months. Go with the OEM part,
  3. These work great also. The work involved isn't much less though. You can skip some of the connections - parking lights - door/trunk ajar - hood switch. But I think you should not skip those last two safety related features. Here are the instructions for that Fortin Evo - You can judge the degree of difficulty. evo-all_ig_thr_bi_for1-40bits_b_32161.pdf
  4. Here are instructions for installing the Ford remote start. It'll give you a good idea about the process and the connections that need to be made. You can find these relatively inexpensively on eBay. 2012 Car Remote Series 100.pdf
  5. Inept

    Do you get a CEL or know if some diagnostic codes were generated?
  6. 2013 Ford Fusion se heater not working

    Try disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes. Reconnect and then the system will recalibrate itself. If no improvement, it could be the blend door actuator or temp controller module. We would need more details in order to offer anything more specific.
  7. 87 octane is fine but avoid the higher ethanol content types. Zero ethanol is the best choice.
  8. Best tires for 2017 SE with 18" wheels

    The Michelin Primacy MXV4 are a good choice IMHO.
  9. 2008 SE compass stuck on N

    You can test the mirror by shining a flashlight into the mirrored face. You should see it darken. You don't need to remove the mirror from the w/s just unplug and replug the connector. I don't have a recommendation for a compass.
  10. 2008 SE compass stuck on N

    Is your rearview mirror auto-dimming function working? Have you tried removing and re-seating the mirror connector? Tried disconnecting the battery for a few minutes?
  11. interior Map lights/trunk will not work

    By "exact same" you mean that Fuse 25 keeps on blowing?
  12. Bucking at constant highway speeds 2012 SEL

    Those symptoms are consistent with a defective CV joint.
  13. Probably a bad idea to post the same thing 3 times. You can get black nickel spray paint and paint the black ones.
  14. Worth a try, but I would be surprised if any of those Bluetooth related troubleshooting tips fix the problem. The OP stated that the audio is bad even using USB and line auxiliary inputs. Let's see what he says.
  15. Sorry, I can't offer any kind of a quick or inexpensive fix. It seems that the cause must be a defective audio control module since it affects all sources.