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  1. Blend Door Problems

    Strange that fixing one side resulted in the other not working. The +5V and Ground reference for the feedback pots have splices in the harness running from the EMTC to the actuators. Perhaps there is an issue with one of those splices. Measure across the outer pins of the feedback pots to see if you are getting 5V to both BDA's. Make sure to measure directly across those pins not just from the pin to ground.
  2. The compass functionality is inside the rearview mirror. So seems that you need a replacement rearview mirror or there is a connector/wiring issue to the mirror. The mirror should dim as long as it is receiving its 12V and ground. Do you have a DVM?
  3. Shocks or Struts?

    Unless you are noticing a performance issue, I wouldn't bother replacing just for that crack. The part that is cracked is only a shield to keep debris out of the top of the shock and the shaft seal. The crack doesn't appear to be long enough to cause an issue.
  4. 2014 ford fusion se fwd snow handling

    In the OP's region (British Columbia), snow tires are mandatory on most highways.
  5. Another audio question.

    If your amp can handle high level inputs from the speakers, you are all set. Otherwise you just need an inexpensive line level converter to tie onto the speaker outputs from the factory radio and convert them to low level outputs.
  6. ECM/PCM 'A'

    The anti theft security light will flash whether the key is the ignition switch or not. PATS only "reads" the RFID tag in the key when the switch is in the Run position. Any number of modules could be causing the CANbus error - including the TCM.
  7. The battery should never be disconnected while the car is running as voltage spikes may damage the electronics. How old is your battery. That is more likely what you need - not an alternator.
  8. Alternator failures are not common, but didn't you acknowledge in another topic that your vehicle was involved in a passenger side collision? That was possibly not a good thing for the alternator which is located on that side I think it is important that posters declare the history of their vehicle (especially collision damage) when asking for advice here.
  9. 2 Fusions into 1

    Those are certainly valid considerations in a swap of this nature. I had not realized that the MY 2008 donor vehicle was only a 3.0L. IDK if the bolt patterns will match or there will be other physical issues. If the engine sizes had been a match, the electrical issues would have been minimal if the PCM, actuators, sensors from the target vehicle were used instead of any of that gear from the donor. Its probably more economical for the OP to get a short block to repair the 2010. That also avoids investing any labour costs in the removal from the donor.
  10. If you adjust the seatbacks into a recline position, you can just tip the seats forward without removing them from the vehicle. That will give you access to clean the carpet under the seat. Be sure to disconnect the battery before you start disconnecting any connectors going to the seat or seatbelt.
  11. AC Issues

    You could take it to a Ford dealer or a service shop specializing in car electrical repairs. I would avoid the muffler/brake/tire specialty shops.
  12. AC Issues

    The wiring for the ambient sensor runs along the passenger side. Since you seem handy, you could take a crack at repairing the wiring yourself and save yourself some cash. If you have an ohmmeter, you should be able to find the location of the open circuit easily. Actually, a close visual inspection would probably be all that is required.
  13. AC Issues

    You mean that it fluctuates between 50 and -39? It could be a corroded connector or broken wire. Was the vehicle involved in a collision?
  14. 2 Fusions into 1

    Yes, that merge should be fine if you use all the sensors and the throttle body from the blown engine.