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  1. I think mice will eat the tape also.
  2. In that location, I don't think it will ever be an issue. I would tape wrap it for aesthetic reasons only.
  3. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/10-2010-Fusion-Milan-AM-FM-CD-MP3-Radio-Receiver-9E5T19C157AC-OEM-LKQ/192455790207?hash=item2ccf424e7f:g:lxgAAOSw~M5ag-RI&vxp=mtr Radios for a 2010 Fusion (without Nav) can be had for less than $CAD 150. Even if you have the 6CD version with Satellite, you'll find them on eBay for roughly that price. If you opt for an aftermarket radio, you will probably also need a steering wheel interface. Also, your center stack display will not display anything other than the "Ford Fusion" message you are seeing now.
  4. It is the radio (ACM) that drives the center stack display. Sounds like your ACM needs replacing. That's not too hard to do yourself and used units can be found at reasonable cost on eBay or at a recycler. If it is the single disk unit, I have one I pulled out of my 2012 when I upgraded that I could part with
  5. Am I the only person that can't see the content for this forum?
  6. Since the remote start is chirping once, the start request is being successfully received - so the RS fob battery is not likely the issue.
  7. A OBD2 code reader and FORScan software would be an inexpensive investment that would make you independent of the service shop. They are as indispensable as a tyre pressure guage for all car owners.
  8. The battery might be the cause. It has definitely exceeded its life expectancy. I'm surprised it still starts your car in the northeast weather. I wouldn't suggest any further troubleshooting of the remote start problem until the battery is renewed.
  9. Any idea why I can't see any of the 4000+ posts in this forum?
  10. Ambient Lights

    For the front footwell lighting I used 5050 RGB LED strips in a cut to size aluminum extrusion (with acrylic lense). Get a strip that does not have a waterproof coating over the LEDs as this will not be of benefit when you make the cupholder lighting. Cupholder lighting was built from 6mm thick acrylic sandwiched between the upper and lower sections of the cupholder. I traced the inside of the cupholder profile on the acrylic and cut that out so that it made a seamless transition. The outer profile generally follows the inner so that there is about a 10mm wall thickness. I used epoxy to bond the LED strip to the outer perimeter (making sure that each LED was embedded in the epoxy for good optical coupling to the substrate). The rear footwell lighting was made with 2 3W RGB LED's (https://www.adafruit.com/product/2530) that poke through the back face of the center console (about 4cm from floor level). Those LEDs have their heatsinks bolted to a small aluminum sheet for heat dissipation. All of the LEDs are controlled by a small RF controller - easily obtained from many sources (http://ledmontreal.com/en/led-connectors-and-accessories-led-montreal/10-key-rf-remote-control-for-rgb-led-strips.html) I have added pictures for some items you might find handy for building your project. Edit - couldn't add the attachments after saving the post. Thought edit mode would allow - but apparently not.
  11. HID headlights? getting dim?

    Contrary to the opinion of many, whiter light does not allow you to see farther than the warmer hues. The eye does not focus identically to the blue light content of the whiter light so what your brain actually receives is a less defined and poorly focused image. Brighter 3000K light sources are the way to go, not 6000K.
  12. Changing Seats in Fusion from Cloth to Leather

    The seat heaters have a separate connector which would just remain unused. So no electrical issues that I can forsee.
  13. Ambient Lights

    For the console disassembly, you only need to be able to remove the cupholder assembly and the back panel to add the LEDs. I did it all with components from local electronics supply houses for a fraction of the OEM parts cost. I'll dig out my parts lists, etc.
  14. The dealer will need to perform the Programmable Module Installation (PMI) for the SCCM using as built data. Since your SE didn't come from the factory with this feature, contractually the dealer won't be able to officially offer you this service. Suggest you talk to your friendly dealer before gathering up the components. Additionally, check your windshield to make sure it doesn't have the frit dots in the area where the sensor mounts as often even the windshields are different with the rain sensor option,