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  1. Just wanted to throw in that in inclement weather (raining, snowing, etc) putting more light out may actually reduce visibility since you will get more glare. This is why they tell you not to use your brights in a snow storm or if it is raining heavily. Don't get me wrong I totally want to know what options are out there for HIDs or LEDs and which one works better with the stock projector in the 2013+ models but don't think that getting more light will increase your visibility in every scenario.
  2. Monroe Quick Strut for 2010 Ford Fusion Good Or Bad??

    I put Monroe quick struts on my 99 Taurus and they worked like a charm, no noises although they didn't necessarily improve the ride quality... then again in the 90's Ford was tuning suspension in the midsize category more for "floating on a cloud" feel rather than "driving a car" feel.
  3. Brake Upgrade

    I assumed that 2013+ would all have the same brake pads etc... I forgot about the Lincoln LS those were some cool cars :happy feet:
  4. Brake Upgrade

    Wowie, 73 views and zero replies.... apparently we lack enthusiasts on this forum. Something I'll work on changing.
  5. 2012 Ford Fusion Air Malfunctions and engine shutting off

    Sounds like an electrical demon to me, did you check your carfax before buying? Could be that your car had been involved in a flooding incident or something similar.
  6. Tire Shine

    Not a fresh wash, you can plainly tell the difference between a clean tire and a tire that has been "shined" honestly I don't understand the appeal myself. Tires, like shoes are going to get dirty, so investing in keeping them shiney is a waste of money to me. At least on daily drivers, if you have a show car or a weekend warrior that you like to keep looking nice, sure I can understand why you would use tire shine even if I wouldn't in the same application.
  7. Passenger side 6F35 axle seal leaking?

    Well, just from my experience as a mechanic I would assume that it is likely that Ford has similar defects on both of the axles shafts, as they were likely cast using the same procedures. Then again I may just be a pessimist.
  8. Tire Shine

    Yeah we were actually trained by Michelin, or at least that is where the bulk of our training came from so it doesn't surprise me that our warranties reflected what Michelin has to say. I do stand by their products though, have never owned a nicer set of tires and it wasn't until I bought a set of Michelins that I realize how big a difference tires can make.
  9. Wow I had no idea the majority of people were springing for the base engine of the Fusion like I did....
  10. 2012 Ford Fusion "Growling Noise"

    Sounds like a bogging engine to me, the engine is in too high a gear to really keep acceleration going but the TCM wants the engine at as low of an rpm as possible for fuel economy purposes. If there was a baffle or something loose, it wouldn't go away at a higher rpm, and if the resonance argument was correct you would be able to replicate this scenario every time the engine was turning 1500 rpm, not just when you put the engine under load at this rpm. I don't think anything is wrong, especially since I noticed it in my 2016 Fusion S on my 4th or 5th drive after the purchase.
  11. Passenger side 6F35 axle seal leaking?

    Are you going to be doing the work yourself? Because you could always perform the inspection of the parts, since you'll already have it apart. Even if you aren't it might be a good idea to order all of the parts and have the mechanic inspect everything before deciding whether or not to replace it, since he is going to be in there anyways. The cost difference will be negligible between having the mechanic replace the seal vs the seal and the axle stub. At most a difference of a half hour of labor and the cost of the part.
  12. Look at your hood alignment! Bad fit and finish.

    What did you break out feeler gauges? There will be things that vary from car to car, and for all you know the hood could be straight, but your headlights may be cocked a little. When you say something isn't lined up its always relative to something else... so for you to say that the hoods don't look like they are aligned correctly could be asinine... it might be the fenders... or the grill. Either way, the interior is what you will be seeing the most of.
  13. Aftermarket heated seats

    Honestly I don't know that the upholstery is easy to come off, and I assume you would need to have a background in stitching... you might be able to find a shop that would do it but that again would be a roll of the dice.
  14. headlight question

    Too lazy to search eh? Here thats all the grief I will give you about it, but I'm sure a mod will yell at you
  15. Tire Shine

    Due to my history in the tire world, and the fact that I see a lot of people on here posting about it, I thought that this would be a good place for a little bit of an FYI... that is for those who care. Using Tire Shine, or whatever you want to call it (black tire, black tire spray, etc) on your tires will void your warranty and this is due to the fact that several brands of tire shine contain a chemical that will accelerate the breakdown of your tires. This leads to cracking on the sidewall that is usually associated with dry rotting, but it has to do with the UV exposure, that in conjunction with the chemical compound in these tire shines, accelerates the break down of the rubber. The rule of thumb at our shop was that if the tires were shiney, we notated it on the paper work and any warranty remaining on the tires was voided. This wasn't a ma and pa shop either. Just thought you might want to be aware, that making your tires shiney may put your warranties or even your tires at risk.