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  1. So a kid slid off the road and ended up in the neighbor's ditch in his mother's SUV getting his first lesson in SUVS-and-trucks-cannot-stop-any-sooner-nor-take-corners-faster-in-the-snow-than-2-wheel-drive-cars. While waiting for AAA, we couldn't find the rear tow loop/hook that a flat bed might connect the winch to. This led me to wondering where the front and rear hitch points are on the Ford Fusion. I found this online http://www.fordservicecontent.com/ford_content/catalog/motorcraft/2017-Wrecker-Towing-Guide-Final.pdf . Anyone have any pictures and exact locations for where the tow loops or hooks are in case anyone in the future is frantically trying to find the answer?
  2. Wrench light came on after a 1500 mile trip.

    Buster, I received a reply notification in my e-mail inbox with a reply from Lolder where he was screaming "SELL THE CAR!" in the message where he started "The wrench light means a major problem with the power train." and then he edited his message [ Edited by lolder, 21 December 2015 - 01:52 PM.] so you cannot see it. I will no longer feed the trolls such as yourself here and Lolder. I have already contacted the dealer and they said it is unlikely there is a code that is stored and unlikely there is anything seriously wrong. If the light shows again I will take it in. Yes obviously, he has been using this message board for a while. I just arrived with a problem and recieved rude replies from an individual who is no where near an expert. Again, sell a car for a wrench light? Do you understand how alarming this could be to future readers in a similar situation that might be stranded far from home? You should be ashamed of yourselves. Lolder nor you have any credibility whatsoever. Thank you to dogo88, Meagan and any other the individuals who replied to this message that had the comprehension skills and were actually interested in helping. Any future solutions such as how to call up the code are welcome.
  3. Wrench light came on after a 1500 mile trip.

    Sell the car because of a wrench engine light?! Lolder if you are not going to be helpful please do not respond to my thread unless you know whether or not that they will charge me for a software update.
  4. Wrench light came on after a 1500 mile trip.

    I mean in response to "It may be only a software update." How could a new software update send an alert for a wrench light unless the car is somehow wirelessly connected to the sync system? What I mean by forcing it on the car is I read on the forum (possibly the other "wrench light" thread) that they charged an individual $200+ to do a "software update" on his fusion that was within warranty. After reading that and having been ripped off blind by Ford dealers in the past that tell you they need to do an engine "tear down" when they never did the "tear down" and knew what the problem was I am highly hesitant to take it to the dealer. Last summer they charged me for a new wiper when a clip on the original was cracked.
  5. Wrench light came on after a 1500 mile trip.

    How could a software update possibly be detected at 10pm on a Saturday night? Don't think I'll take that risk and they better not force it on the car. http://fordfusionhybridforum.com/topic/10291-fuel-economy-decreased-after-factory-software-upgrade/ The forum you suggested seems to have less activity.
  6. Hello, I am new to the forum. I have a 2014 Fusion Hybrid SE with 18282 miles on it. I just went on a 1500 mile road trip experiencing all kinds of weather including snow and rain. Returned a couple days ago. The car is still under warranty. Yesterday, a day after returning, while coming back from shopping the wrench light came on. I stopped the vehicle, turned it off and then turned it back on and it was gone. I checked the owner's manual and it just says it is a powertrain problem and to take it to the dealer. This is pretty alarming this early in the ownership. What could be causing it? How can I identify what threw the code? Is there a record of it stored somewhere? Thanks.