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  1. Cheers Can't say I put much thought into the size of the wheel - that's a new idea for me I have a nice look at the wheel although its just stock I had chrome on my edge I think I preferred it, but I have to say these are easier to keep up with I was washing the chrome ones every day. Pirelli P7 citurado all season plus has a nice look
  2. Cheers appreciate recommending and link.Tires look good though I notice there was one gripe on tire life in comments.I never changed tires before -must have been leading a charmed life.
  3. New tire recommendation 2016 Titanium AWD Beleive it or not I'm 60 and never bought tires before Ha! Can anyone recommend tires I like fancy but it would have to be all season cannot abide snow tires? I'm In Canada way south not much snow don't drive a whole lot about 25 k a year.
  4. chrome exhaust tip soot

    Vinegar and tinfoil - don't knock it till you try it. Pipe has to be clean this just polishes and will take of the real sticky particles
  5. Keep an eye on tire pressure folks

    Thanks for this heads up I'm in 2016 also - I had a service a month back, and they addressed some tire issues but the steering is feeling heavy so this also a good reminder.Can't believe 26 would be the trigger that seems low to me - but I'm no expert.
  6. Maintaining leather seats ?

    If you get those little fluffy things in the pores of the 2016 (I know )seats and they won't suck out with a vacuum use a rounded paint brush and meguiar's Interior detailer cleaner (I dilute it 50/50 with bottled water).
  7. Detailing

    Some product and application comments
  8. Perrysville Indiana Photoshoot

    These are really nice shots I love the backgrounds really compliments the car.
  9. Tire Shine

    If you want to go matte with the autoglym you use a microfiber towel instead of a sponge does a nice job no shine just cleaned up .I will do it next time on my car and post it (I go back and forth shiny not shiny.) So to get the matte thing I just don't polish the rims and use gold wash for tire and rims then apply Autoglym Tire shine with a towel . Which results in a dull clean look . There are pros and cons to this look it does compliment the black grey and chrome subtlety of the vehicle and its fast and easy to do but I think I prefer the shiny tires and the clearcoat hand buffed up on the rims. Matte -Paint just washed.(Car Body)Tire shine toweled on scrubbed for matte. Shiny - Black wax (tinted wax)on body paint (paste)quik wax clear on rims.Tire shine applied with sponge.
  10. What do you use to clean your touch screen?

    Clean microfiber with bottled water - last's 2 minutes till my daughter starts punching Garth Brooks like she's looking for a lost hit.Cleaners Ive tried stay on top and smear denatured alcohol works but I hear it will damage screen with continued use . My dealer says nothing works period.
  11. Changed her name from "Kitty" to "Pretty"
  12. Tire Shine

    This is the best I have got tires since I got the car. Took 20 mins all 4 tires (excluding wash) and I waxed the rims.
  13. Maintaining leather seats ?

    I don't know enough about cars to comment on the factory finishes but these products have worked for me. http://www.autoglym-canada.com/system/dragonfly/production/2013/05/02/08_27_56_276_Leather_Cleaner_007.mp4
  14. Bugs---I hate bugs!

    Yes this is what I use I live almost in the country I get a lot of splat - I also use Mothers cleaner wax for bird presents its inexpensive a huge bottle is about 10 bucks lasts forever.
  15. Which car should I get: Mustang vs. Charger?

    See if you can find a charger owner - I got talking to a guy In a parking lot that was in tears over the gas mileage ,however I do not know his exact year and model etc.