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  1. So I currently have a 2014 fusion 2.0 ecoboost with about 47k miles on it. I was away for basic training the past 6 months and obviously havent driven it. I told my dad to go over and start it up every now and again and drive it. Long story short, the issue I am having is whenever I first got home and Started my car, it was having a rough time starting, and some sort of power save mode notification came up. As of now, it doesn't do that anymore, but the problem Im having now, once I start up my car and start driving, immediatly it will start stuttering and just die out as im driving the car. Everything is still lit up inside the too, Put some new fuel in ( there was about half a tank of fuel in it when I returned home on 12-16-2016 ) because I don't think my dad even put any in since he didnt drive it that much probably. Does anyone know what the issue could probably be? Like I said, its pretty much just been sitting in my driveway since iv been gone. thanks guys. Oh and I live in Pennsylvania where its currently cold.
  2. I am currently selling my BARELY used Cobb AccessPort. I tuned my 2014 Ford Fusion 2.0 EcoBoost for one day, and uninstalled the tune, and its been in the case ever since. There is nothing wrong with it at all, just would rather sell it to someone that would actually use it then have it sit in my dresser. I had only tuned my car for the day mainly out of curiousity, then had to get it serviced ( which is why I uninstalled the tune) just in case you know? and just really never messed with it since for some reason. ** This AccessPort is unmarried** Comes with all accessories I am asking $350. I purchased it for $500 on Mountune's site, and think that is a real reasonable price for how much its been used. Throw me some offers though, the worst I can say is No And I just realized all pictures are horizontal and Im sorry haha