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  1. 2009 lincoln MKZ strut question

    Does the MKZ also have user-selectable suspension settings?
  2. Joining from California

    Got any pics of those classic Stangs stashed away?
  3. Swaps

    Software-wise, you could probably attempt it with Forscan and as-built data from an SE. Be a lot of tinkering with bits/values of course. The 2gfusions forum and Forscan forum could help you along. Hardware compatibility ... not easy to say. In some instances, the hardware is the same, the connectors are not present; in other cases, wiring harnesses and connectors are absent in lower trim models.
  4. Joining from FL

    Glad you & yours went unscathed during these terrible storms. Welcome & congrats on the new ride!
  5. Joining from Normal, IL

    Clean ride! Welcome to the community!
  6. New guy from Oklahoma

    Congrats & welcome! Tint will look great, don't forget the sunroof if you have that option, and tinting the windshield (80%, AirBlue for example) may help also.
  7. Joining from Pittsburgh

    Welcome and congrats! Love that color Any mods planned to it?
  8. Joining from California

    Jelly Welcome, NICE ride! Owned Fords previously?
  9. 2007 2.3, 5-spd Engine races

    Pull codes first, may be temporary codes that get wiped with a restart. Could be any number of things, but very likely electrical, such as a throttle position sensor/potentiometer (attached to throttle body), accelerator pedal position sensor (gas pedal), TSS/OSS sensor etc. Could be a vacuum leak but behavior should be more consistent. How many miles on your Fusion, original clutch or ...? How old is the battery?

    Did you have the headlamps on when measuring the 5.6V? Make sure they are set to OFF when jumping the next time. In any case, batteries typically last 3 years on newer cars like yours, so it is a no-brainer to get a new battery. Unfortunately, there are very few "upgrades" to the battery due to the odd size (group 96R), but still you can get Interstate brand batteries for max reliability. Possibly with tray modification you can fit an even larger/better battery http://www.interstatebatteries.com/p/mtp-96r-ford-mustang-2011-v8-5-4l http://www.fordfusionclub.com/213-electronics-discussion/394514-how-upgrade-your-small-group-96r-battery-larger-group-48-a.html Though an Optima Group 35 might fit without modification, I have been meaning to try ... https://www.optimabatteries.com/en-us/redtop-starting-battery/35 Also, when checking battery health, CCAs is a better measure than voltage. I use a Solar BA7 tester to keep tabs on the batteries in my cars, but any major auto parts store will have the digital testers needed to test it for free.
  11. 2014 1.6L cylender 3 misfire code.

    Don't know what a 1.6L specific issue might be, but generally on the GTDI engines, misfires usually end up being related to fuel injectors. Sometimes it is plugs, and forced induction engines do love to eat plugs for breakfast. Rarely the COPs. Valve cover leaks are known to happen from time to time, so if you find any pooling oil in the plug well, that is what it is. No harm in trying a fuel injector cleaner, but I only recommend something of the quality of Techron Concentrate Plus or BG 44K. What Techron can't get out, BG can (personal experience). Keep in mind though these fuel injectors run under very high pressure, so any deposits on them are also coated on under high pressure. The cleaners have been developed for much lower pressure situations like carbed engines and fuel injected engines of the PFI variety. That is why the final solution usually ends up being fuel injector replacement instead.
  12. Are Morimotos really that slow? Aren't they one of the leading brands today?
  13. Design and quality of lighting is leaps and bounds better today regardless of source, when compared to decades past, that is certain.
  14. 2017 Ford Fusion SE (<6,500 miles) - CT - LEASE

    Sorry to hear, and good luck!
  15. New Fusion in Iowa!

    Welcome to the community, mattri, good-lookin' ride Regular oil changes with full synthetic oil and Motorcraft filter should keep the engine pretty happy. And if anyone tries to sell you on 150,000 mile trans fluid life or 100,000 mile coolant life, don't buy it.