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  1. Stumbling under light acceleration, found PCM pulling timing

    I’m not the only one to feel this. There are several posts describing this feeling. Nobody seems to have a fix. If I put it in manual 4 around 35-38 miles if I play with the throttle there is so much play.
  2. Stumbling under light acceleration, found PCM pulling timing

    No but I find even if I put parking brake on and in neutral, I Can almost recreate the feeling by reving the engine up.
  3. Stumbling under light acceleration, found PCM pulling timing

    I’m having a similar problem on a 2015 that’s driving me nuts. Usually starts to shudder around 30-35mph. When in 4th gear. And when coasting around 40mph it bucks like it’s in too high a gear. did you have these symptoms with the factory mount?
  4. Bucking at constant highway speeds 2012 SEL

    My rear mount was replaced. Didn’t help when coasting in 5th gear slowing down it shakes like a manual trans and jerks like it’s in too high a gear. And shutters when in 4th doing 42-48 kmh.
  5. Anyone figure this out? My 2015 has same feeling.
  6. Anyone know if there is an upgraded torque strut mount for 13-16 Fusion 2.5l there is way to much play in the OEM. I know the Escape can use the one for a focus ST.
  7. At low speeds it studders bucks. Feels like a miss but not sure. Feels like I’m pulling a trailer with lots of weight on the tongue. Worst in 4th 5th 6th at constant speed.
  8. Anyone figure this out my car is driving me crazy. with the light shudder motor bounces around like crazy. 49,000 km
  9. Jerky in traffic

    I'm reading people have had similar problems because of a torque mount?
  10. Jerky in traffic

    They changed 2 ignition coils that had small cracks. But we're not showing any misfires. Bounces a lot from neutral to drive. While on highway it feels like I'm pulling a trailer. 47,000 km hitching. It is extremely annoying. In slow traffic if it's in a high gear if I give it a shot of gas you seem to be able to feel the power train bounce like the neutral to drive shift.
  11. 2012 ford fusion "trailer hitch" feel while crusing

    Any news from dealer?
  12. Jerky in traffic

    Do you think it could have something to do with the sloppy motor mounts on these cars?
  13. 2015 jerky in traffic. I find if I'm going around 48kmh The car has a slight bucking feeling till it shifts in 5th gear. Also if you coast around that speed it jerks like its in too high a gear. Also will do this around 70kmh or 40 mph If it shifts in to 6 and you give it a bit of gas in that range it will feel like a miss. Also I find if your driving in a residential neighbourhood it really shakes a lot when your on and off of the gas. I'm bringing it in tomorrow but would like guidance if anyone has felt this.
  14. Has anyone ever figured out what this problem is? I'm taking mine in this week. I almost would describe it as fish tugging on a line