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  1. Any chance you have a Pic-A-Part type place around you? I would think those places would be plentiful up in the Big-D. eBay prices don't seem terrible, but it might save you a few.
  2. Chirping sound front end.

    Hey Jonathan, any update?
  3. Are you talking about 2V321 in the attached?
  4. Chirping sound front end.

    Honestly, that kind of sounds like what mine does. My dealer said it was nothing to do with the suspension, though admittedly the brakes weren't checked. I just recently posted a question asking the same thing and am yet to hear back. If your dealer finds something please update a reply so I can fix mine too!
  5. Shocked!!!

    I swear honey, this is the first time this has ever happened to me. Immature jokes aside, would this always present as a puddle under the car? Can it leak so slowly that you never notice it? Just curious more than anything. I've heard this a lot about our vehicles so wanted to know how it would become evident.
  6. Hello, everyone, I have a 2015 Fusion SE. About 37k miles. First off, I don't believe my car has metal retention clips around my pads. May I presume that they would be visually identifiable in my pic attached? Seems like a basic question, but the car is new to me and I wanted to be sure Ford doesn't do it some other way. All four sets look like this. So, reason I ask and care. When I hit bumps I get an incredibly annoying squeaking noise. I do not get the noise by braking, only by hitting bumps. My Ford dealer is pretty adamant it has nothing to do with any suspension component based on their inspection of the vehicle. Further, it will come from both the left and right side of the car, not always at the same time. So, if I'm missing the clips from the picture, have any of you ever heard of pads on the caliper housing making that sound? I've heard of rattling by not having the clips, but I've personally never heard this type of high pitch squeal from the lack thereof. Last question, do any of your rear rotors look like mine? Both rears look like this, but my fronts look clean. "Clean" here meaning my pads consistently wear off any surface corrosion. Yes, I know I should inspect my pads, I just haven't done it yet.
  7. Hey drolds1, have you had success with requiring them to stick to service manual time limits? My experience is the customer buys off on a number on the high side so the dealership doesn't run afoul of having to ask for an adjustment of a quote. I'd be curious for how you insure they don't exceed those limits?
  8. 2014 Fusion rear shocks loose

    What are you torqueing to?
  9. Mice and Engine Harnesses Don't Mix

    Holy pigtails! Thanks for the link. That index is very thorough to quote the great Maude. I shall start searching for PN's.
  10. 2015 SE - 2.5L So, see the attached picture, but basically, I had back surgery so I didn't drive for eight weeks. Do you know what a mouse can do in 8 weeks? Yep, decimate a wiring harness. And it drove like this just fine. I actually took it to my dealer for a warranty item prior to hitting my 36k and the mechanic found this. Anyway, they're checking if there's any other impacted wiring, but it looks like the coil pack may be ok. So let's say it is just the wiring harness, are there any tricks to this? I'm competent enough mechanically, but I don't like snags and I need to avoid snags on this because it's my daily driver and my wife works Saturday and I need to transport the kids. It looks to be all electrical fittings, but I can't find a non-CAD image of this part so I don't know if any of the connections are "different." Any ideas on access issues or can I get it all from above and below? Other question, is there anyway to not buy the whole harness and only buy the three connectors in this picture then pigtail into the existing harness? I can't find just the connector on any Ford parts websites. And last question, if I go look up this harness on fordparts.com it shows the part number as 12A581. But if you google that number you get different variants. After confirming with the dealer based on my VIN I would actually order EU5Z-12A581-C. And there are other 12A581's that are not EU5Z. So does anybody know what the EU5Z represents? And it seems I could only find it by calling Ford, any other ways for different parts to do this in the future?
  11. Not sure if you got to this already, but see attached for the procedure. And I would agree a boot replacement sounds right here, but new CV's at AutoZone (gold brand) are $70. I'd probably just replace it rather than screw with the boot, but that's just me. halfshaft-8212-lh-removal-and-installation.pdf
  12. 2015 SE One of my favorite features on my Fusion is that I can keep different BT devices in operation. For instance, I use my Android phone for all phone/text functionality but then I keep all of my music on my Kindle or I sometimes use my work iPhone for Spotify (unlimited data FTW, woot woot!). As it stands now, my Android is my default device in the settings menu, which means it connects by default to the Phone function and to the BT audio function. When I want the other devices to play I just go into the BT audio function and switch over but I really like that it doesn't also switch my phone/text to this other device. My question then, is there a way to set my Android to ALWAYS be the primary phone/text device (like it is now) and set a primary BT audio device to be either the Kindle or iPhone? In the grand scheme of things it's not a big deal, it takes a whopping three seconds to reach up there and switch devices, but if it can be done then I would like to do it. Thanks for the help!
  13. In Car Reading of Tire Pressure

    Agreed....but what's your solution? If your TPMS goes off but you literally can't tell which tire is flat do you flatbed the thing back to a tire shop? Take a shot in the dark and put the donut on one of the four and hope you get lucky?
  14. In Car Reading of Tire Pressure

    Waldo, maybe I've mis-thought through tire pressure readouts. My Chevy's (and my old Chrysler and my parents Honda) display individual tire pressure, doesn't that mean each sensor actively reads the pressure? So what's the relevance of which location the sensor is? Are you saying the car only thinks one tire can be in one spot, so that if I have a flat on the front left, then I change that tire to the back left, then the car will still think the front left is the one that's actually flat? Or do different manufacturer's use different methodologies for TPMS' and Ford just philosophically disagrees with the way GM/Chrysler/Honda do there's?
  15. In Car Reading of Tire Pressure

    Let me slightly rephrase "not worried about it." It went off, I got out and visually verified I didn't have a really flat tire (like 0 psi flat). I finished the drive to work, it still didn't look flat. So assuming it still looks ok before I drive home then I'll be able to get home where I can check pressures and add/adjust as necessary then plan accordingly for the AM to make it to my tire shop if need be.