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  1. Sport owner from MI

  2. Washing/Detailing your car: What do you do/use?

    I use the Zaino system, been very happy with it. Whatever you get, make sure you get a really good polish and wax. Once you are nicely polished and waxed you should just need a soap and water wash and a quick detail to get back that shine.
  3. Keep an eye on tire pressure folks

    '15s and '16s can get the TPM gauge. Very helpful esp since I have a funky sensor and I used to freak out whenever it bugged, now I just check the gauge and watch it come back after a couple mins.
  4. 2.5 to ecoboost swap

    I think if I was going go through all the trouble to do a swap I would jam the biggest engine I could into the CD4. 2.7, 3.0 or even a 3.5. Don't get me wrong, I love my 2.0 but if I was going to dig into that kind of project, might as well go as far as you can since the cost difference if you are pulling from wrecks wont be that huge but the level of effort will be very similar.
  5. Tire Size Differential

    Are you AWD? As long as they are all the same size you should be fine, the speedometer may read slightly off other than that you should not see an issue. I think the dealer can update the tire size in your computer to make it match.
  6. New PB for the 2.0 AWD

    Went out to NED on friday and picked up a new personal best! 14.099. Closing in on that stock turbo record ;-) Managed to get featured on CP-E's blog for this one, never expected that! Boost season is near and the track closes on Halloween, should be interesting over the next 6 weeks. :happy feet:
  7. Hissing sound passenger side of engine

    Its only normal when the dealer is trying to blow you off. That said I've also been shocked at the folks that don't deal with ecoboost @ some dealers. Stock setup you should barely hear any of the turbocharger components, Ford spent a lot of time and effort on NVH to make sure it does not sound much different from an NA engine.
  8. Had a great time at the meet @ the Quabbin in MA yesterday More Pics with links to even more pics on FB here: http://www.fusionspec.net/gallery/album/5-third-annual-northeast-fusionnation-fall-meet/ Some videos here Looking forward to next year!
  9. The fusions are doing quite well. The main issues we have are a leaking axle seal if you are AWD and some funny feeling (but not harmful) shifts. Folks have 13's north of 130k. I have put about 10k of hard miles on my 15 and so far it has taken everything like a champ!
  10. Weathertech mats

    IMO look for something other than weathertech, I have them and I really wish I got something else.
  11. 2013 1.6 ecoboost turbo overheating?

    Try burping the system first, then T-Stat then sensor. The way it is going up and down sounds like air in the lines. Since you just got it it is possible they did something (like put in a new T-Stat) that put air in the system and did not bleed it out correctly. This is not hard to do on the 2nd gens but you need to follow the process fully even if it does seem silly to do it 5x in a row.
  12. I do mine every 5-6k miles, full syn, usually AMSOil. Spend a lot of time in heavy traffic and driver REALLY hard, so I don't want to take any chances.
  13. New to Fusions

  14. I used to do Haynes but these days everyone seems to re-sell OASIS data and nothing seems to be in print. I subscribed to http://chiltondiy.com for both of my cars, this is the same info your ford tech uses to work on your car. It's about $25 per year per car or about $5 a month. Fair warning; the way the do the steps is very image driven, it almost makes no sense at first, once you understand the conventions they use it becomes very easy to understand.
  15. Dead Battery

    Agreed, I have already found in some cases that I know more about the Ecoboost platform than the SA or tech working on the car (and I only started wrenching on this thing in the spring!). They just follow OASIS like lemmings without really understanding what is going on which IMO is a bit risky with the kind of tech we are dealing with.