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  1. Dont waste your time with the "brighter and whiter" bulbs halogen bulbs. They do not give the look of HID's or LED's, plus they are way expensive and very disappointing. I have an '11 with HID's in my stock Halogen projector housings and have not received any guff, or flashes from anyone while driving at night.
  2. I went to Etrailers.com found a hitch that fit my 11 and ordered it. Very easy to install, I backed up on Ramps so I could get underneath the car safely and let the exhaust down from the little holders and walla, bolted the hitch on and havent worried since.
  3. Hey guys, I am sure this has been asked but, Does anyone have any photos or do they know what wires coming out of the harness are the Dome light wires? Im looking to possibly tap into them for a LED project. 2011 SE
  4. Hey guys, I recently purchased these LED's for my rear Brake/turn signals. These little guys light up super bright and will make anyone see you. https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/tail-brake-turn/7443-led-bulb-dual-function-28-smd-led-tower-wedge-retrofit-car/1648/4171/ The resistors are so easy, and only add about 5.00 on the order.
  5. Hey guys up for sale is a used K&N 69-3514TTK. The filter is dirty but all parts and required come with it. Just like new but cheaper. 150.00/free shipping