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  1. 2012 6F35 Transmission Problems (New Video)

    Sorry to revive this from the dead, I was hesitant on buying mine due to seeing this as a common issue, my 2010 Fusion SE 3.0L has been exhibiting the same symptoms as described here with the hard shift even with a nice easy acceleration also been noticing it wants to run at higher rpms in each gear than I know it should be.. mind you this car is in Guam so it is not exposed to cold climate (doesn't drop really below 75* ever here, has just under 36000 mi on it, trans fluid level and condition is good so not sure what the issue is
  2. Appearance mod tips?

    not sure if you are still looking to paint your grill, just did mine with the plasti dip..
  3. just checking to see if anyone has installed LED headlight bulbs in their 2010-2012 Fusion and whats your opinion on them?
  4. Wanting to do LED lights inside/outside but have concerns...

    I did my map lights so far but don't have the LED bulbs for the other dome light, etc yet but have not had any problems
  5. trans problems in 2010 Fusion SE 3.0L

    bought the car back in August with about 35,500 miles on it, I remember reading before even buying the car that they have been plagued with trans issues.. seems like when I get on it the transmission lags and also shifting between gears there is a big lag in the shift and noticing sometimes the RPMs will go up unnecessarily high before shifting.. any ideas, checked trans fluid and looks fine. This does it in auto and sport shifting mode
  6. Hello from Guam

    bought my 2010 Ford Fusion SE (3.0L V6) back in August when I moved to Guam and will be here for the next 3 years on military orders. So Far I'm happy with the car, first time ford owner. However as I read about and hoped wouldnt be the case, I am running into the transmission problems that have been plaguing these cars. Plasti dipped the front chrome grill since the previous owner took off the hub caps, and planning to install LED headlight bulbs soon..