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  1. 2013 Fusion Radio Inop

    Funny I read a few post elsewhere where some pulled fuses to reset, some took it to dealership, while others said their needed a code input. I try to keep it simple so I just disconnected both terminals and charged battery completely. When I reattached the terminals and started car the radio reset itself (took some time) and everything worked again. Thanks!
  2. Hello Just picked up a 2013 that was jumped by the shipper. I drove it home enjoying the radio but once I shit it off the battery went dead again. I tried several times to jump it off my battery charger and eventually got it started. Went driving and noticed everything on touch screen worked except radio. I did master reset and still inop. What should I do? Thanks
  3. How many miles in EV only?

    As the weather is warming my readout of miles available after a charge is now more than the 13 I get in the winter months. It hovers between 17-21 miles depending on temperature (50F-70F) thus far. I did a drive of 17 miles in stop and go traffic and showed 7 more miles on the readout for my longest electric travel. I guess stop and go extends the range compared to steady 60 mph that I do when there is no traffic.
  4. How many miles in EV only?

    20-24 wow! I don't think I have gotten 20 miles yet but mines is a 2013 and I am learning how to squeeze out more economy. I've heard these have remote start but never used it thinking it would waste more gas. Does it start up in electric and preheat the interior or start up in gas mode?
  5. Hello here is a running/driving rear wrecked (minor damage) that we bought for the front clip and the air bags. It has 88K and had no other issues. I drove car to the body shop where they removed the parts we needed. I will sell whole car minus what I took off for 1,000. Car can be shipped if necessary. Contact Joe at 773 879 zero681 or rowekmr(at)aol.com with any questions.
  6. Hello selling a black Fusion SEL AWD (rare) with 94k miles for 7,000. Car is located in Chicago and is current on maintenance runs and drives with no issues. Just has recalls done and new battery installed. Contact Joe at 773 879 zero681 or rowekmr(at)aol.com with any questions or for pics.

    I can get you a whole car (side or rear wreck) that you take off what you want for probably what local parts places will charge for the front clip.
  8. Plug in hybrids at apartments

    I bought my used Fusion plug in cheaper than I could have gotten a hybrid for. Maybe the local demand for plugs in are less dunno. I plug in when I can and other times just drive it as a hybrid. Saving 30-50% on fuel cost to me is more than worth it.
  9. How many miles and what type of driving are others getting? In the cold months I can get 14 miles total mostly 12 miles highway at 70 mph with about 1 mile each end getting off going through city streets and stop lights.
  10. 2010 Fusion 3.0L Oil Smell

    I just got this car with 93k and after trips when I am parking I faintly smell burnt oil. I am guessing it is the valve cover gaskets. Is this a common issue? I looked online and couldn't find one video for the 3.0L in the Fusion. Can it be other gaskets, I assumed valve cover gasket because the oil is hitting the manifolds and burning. Thanks
  11. Won't drive in EV

    @lolder thanks that was about what I was getting. I ended up also with a 2013 Fusion Energi and the systems and performance are very different to say the least. I still love the body style of the 2010-2012 though and planning on getting another one.
  12. Won't drive in EV

    Sorry didn't get notified there was a response to my thread so sorry for the late response (thanks for your quick responses). @Waldo I was trying to compare my battery performance to others that is why I was asking how far. My belief is as the battery loses capacity the car goes shorter distances on EV so without sophisticate equipment to test battery I was using the informal way. It seems everything was fine with mines (I sold it later). Part of the problem is I am used to the Escape hybrid system which I could get a mile from in EV up to 30 mph easily so I badly assumed this would do more because it is smaller/lighter. My daily scenario is I drive a few blocks from my house to expressway then when I get off their a few blocks to work. I have found that if I start with a charged HV battery I can drive the distance to expressway mainly in EV then on the expressway the HV battery charges then getting off the expressway I drive the few blocks to work in EV maximizes my mpg's to my driving loop. It was possible in the Escapes but not practical in this unless there is no traffic because I have to drive/accelerate slower. I may be looking at it wrong so invite other's response to my theory.
  13. Hello if it is still available can you send pics to rowekmr@aol.com? Thanks
  14. Won't drive in EV

    Ok I will read it more thoroughly. I am thinking the cold is more of my problems not the systems of the car. How far can you go in EV and at what speeds?