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  1. Grill and wheels!

    This is what I did with my grill. Now I have to choose new rims. What should I get? Thanks.
  2. Need some help with an ODOR problem

    You can try baking soda. Use the powder and spray it on the carpet. Let it set for few days and it should help.
  3. Black cars with Chrome Trim

    I like the red my self. Here's my 2015 Fusion.
  4. Untitled Album

  5. Improving Exterior Appearance

    That's what I did. I think it looks great.
  6. Looking good. Your thoughts.

    I'm new to the forum. Here's my 2015 Fusion SE 2.0. I did some change to the front grille. Now I need new rims. What should I get from these three options??? Thanks.
  7. New here

    I'm new too. Here's my 2015 Fusion. Upgraded the front grill.