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  1. Supposedly, http://www.buyfordnow.com/ always lists the most current incentives for Ford vehicles. However, getting a salesperson to agree to the incentives as listed is sometimes difficult.
  2. Have to remember, the Escape is the "truck" version of the Focus. My 2015 Focus doesn't display percentage remaining either. Just a "due now." Don't know if we can surmise what changes in the Escape occur in the Fusion. Focus-Escape probably a better relationship.
  3. New Fusions up in smoke...

    Awesome. Purchase a new Fusion, get arrested, and vehicle confiscated before you even leave the dealer lot. Do you still have to make the payments in that scenario?
  4. Summer vs winter vs all season tires

    Jack of all; master of none? I guess it depends on the type of driving you're doing. One thing you won't see out of seasonal tires: longevity as compared to all-season tires. But hey, if you're constantly running at triple digit speeds or running at the cusp of traction, must go for the seasonal tires.
  5. rear caliper issues 2008

    Caliper slide pins need lubricated with a high temperature grease.
  6. Are 2017 models (with Sync 3) the first year that provides Apple CarPlay? I imagine trying to integrate a 2017 unit into previous years would be (virtually if not completely) impossible.
  7. 2017 SE Hybrid with Android Auto and my cheap $1 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. I've been using Google Maps instead of the built in navigation as I like the delays listed by Google Maps. However, with a cheap USB micro cable I was constantly getting Android Auto crashes or (MTP? transmission protocol?) error messages, or the most annoying approve / deny permission dialog for something or the other. Even after repeated approvals, it would rarely run. Sometimes Google Maps would be running just fine, then the display would go blank and offer Nav instead of (Google) maps, then Maps would re-appear. Loop through this a few times and it gets frustrating. And, the cheap cable I had wouldn't charge my phone while running Google Maps, it would simply hold the charge. I replaced my cable with yet another cheap(er?) cable I had in my Focus which would execute Google Maps on the phone and charge the phone rather rapidly. Surprising since the phone's display is in use on my Focus. On Android Auto in the Fusion of course the display is dark. But this cable is a USB A to USB mini 5 pin (like for cameras), then I have a 3 inch USB mini 5 pin to USB micro adapter which I plug into the Galaxy S6. So far, Android Auto / Google Maps has run flawlessly which is quite surprising considering the cable looks even cheaper AND I have to make yet another connection from cable to adapter. It also charges my phone very nicely while executing Google Maps. Buy hey, if it works it works. I assume Android Auto and even Google Maps alone passes much data between phone and Sync 3 so the lesson in all this is cable quality / connectivity is paramount to a good experience. Android Auto doesn't appear to gracefully handle data connectivity issues which I'm going to assume the previous cable wasn't providing adequately.
  8. LED Brake light bulb help

    Who cares if it works? Just the fact you can say "it's LED!" is what matters.
  9. I use one of these along the pinch weld: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-ea-Universal-RED-Floor-Jack-Disk-Pad-Adapter-for-Pinch-Weld-Side-JACKPAD-/231461452946?hash=item35e42d7c92:g:k44AAOSwezVWtxIA with the jack of course. Then use a jack stand under the front cross-member -- not exactly sure where, but I believe near where A arm pivots on frame.
  10. $20k doesn't sound bad as noted: depends on equipment level. But only 3.2k on the odometer is nice too.
  11. Charging an Android phone via the USB socket

    I've noticed on my 2017 Hybrid, using Android Auto and displaying Google Maps / Navigation, the phone neither charges nor discharges. Phone display is off in this scenario. On the other hand, my 2015 Focus, with 12V USB charger and running (non-Android Auto) maps on the phone, it charges up just fine while executing Google Navigation. Phone display is on in this scenario.
  12. I believe you're supposed to check the fluid level, on those with fill plugs, with the engine off.
  13. You have a 2017 model Fusion and you're looking to commence cutting into wiring already?
  14. And who is getting sub-11 second standing 1/4 mile passes in a Fusion? Although I believe some of our Energi brethren hit 60 mpg at times.
  15. To get the best of both worlds: 60 mpg AND sub-11 second 1/4 mile times.