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  1. 1) The BLIS radar modules are on both sides of the car, not on what I think of as the bumper. They are near the bottom of the vehicle aft of the rear wheels and roughly in line with the fueling port. There are no visible clues on the vehicle of their locations (no lines, bumps, etc.). The owner manual includes a diagram showing their location (at least my 2015's manual does). Ensure these areas are clean. 2) My 2015 Fusion consistently reported BLIS and cross-traffic system faults at start-up that wouldn't clear with restarts or in traffic. My orange mirror indicators would not illuminate on either side, and the Sync menu checkboxes to enable/disable BLIS and cross-traffic were grayed out. This problem persisted for a few weeks. Cleaning the sensor areas did not fix the problem (as it had in the past). Ultimately, the problem resolved itself the day after I had a mildly bent rear wheel rim replaced. (Shop reported bend was minor but that wheel would not balance on a road force balancer above 70mph.) I suspect the vibration from the bent rim prevented the radar sensor from generating a steady image the system could be confident in.
  2. Something dawned on me after my last post. When my display began dimming in my 2007 Mercury Milan Premier, I noticed that the radio was warm to the touch. As the dimming problem worsened over weeks or months, the radio became hot to the touch. The heat was present regardless of whether the radio was on or off. When my display went out entirely, I repaired it by following @cirrus1965's instructions. Now, my display is visible and there's no appreciable heating coming from the radio.
  3. @cirrus1965, thanks! This fixed the display on the radio in my 2007 Mercury Milan Premier, which has the premium audio with 6 CD changer with MP3 and satellite radio. Used a 7mm socket to remove the four large screws that hold the radio in, then used a T10 Torx bit to remove the four screws that hold the faceplate onto the radio. Pulled the faceplate off, resoldered the 6 surface mount resistors on the back of the faceplate as you'd mentioned, reinstalled everything, and it was good to go. Created an account on the forum just for this.