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  1. Becausebass362

    Hi guys new here and wanted to share my pics of my Fusion check them out also I have a DIY youtube channel (@becausebass362) that will help you achevice these mods enjoy
  2. All right guys I have made a video of a step by step process on retrofitting halos on a 2010-2012 Fusion. If you are interested on learning how to do it go and check out my youtube page: Becasuebass362 and share with your buddies. Don't forget to like and subscribe and if you still feel like you can not accomplish it like me know for pricing thanks
  3. Sport Side Skirts

    Does anyone know where I buy the sport style side skirts for a 2012 Fusion? I am trying to find some but have no luck so far.
  4. How to videos and more

    Thanks make sure to check out my pic album
  5. Past systems

    yes sir, it was good while I had it my car was stolen last year and they took everything. Got the car back lucky but now its the money I don't want to spend again it hurt me and made me feel sick when it happen. ill come back I wont let it knock me down ill come up again thanks again
  6. Enclosure Behind Rear Seats

    Same here check out my photo album for my fusion when you get a chance
  7. Enclosure Trunk View

    I hear you, I can't stand not having bass in the car, I'm doing a similar build with one 15 through the rear deck
  8. 2093668.66297667.lg

  9. Fusion sport

    That ass ?
  10. prettttty lights

    It's a party ?
  11. Enclosure Behind Rear Seats

    Looks good ?
  12. Enclosure Trunk View

    15 or 12?
  13. 2012 sel

    Looks good ?
  14. New here

    Check out my youtube I have a comparison on the 2 hid vs led yt:becausebass362
  15. How to videos and more

    I'm new to the forum and would love to share my how to videos with everyone that has a 2010- 2012 Fusion. There you will find great content like hid vs led, halos and customizing the fuse check it out. Youtube: Becausebass362 Ig: Because_bass362