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  1. First Ford in 31 years

    Welcome to the Forums!
  2. Greetings from the Frozen North

  3. First Fusion. 07 5 Speed Se

    Welcome to the forums
  4. SYNC MFT / SYNC 2 Ver. 3.10

    Update. I local dealership says it will cost me $135.00 to update the software. BUT, they have recently been having trouble with the updates. Updates have been "Bricking" a module (Not sure which one they said). I would be responsible for replacing the module if it bricks, cost $345.00.
  5. SYNC update servers down

    Went by dealership today to see if I could get my Sync 2 software updated. Servers are still down, I was told.
  6. I have recently installed the K&N Drop In. The only noticeable difference was a "Drop" in MPG from an average of 22-23 to 20-21. Same Gas, same daily routes. I have not made a final decision on whether to keep it or not.
  7. New to Fusion from California

    Welcome, Skline.
  8. Anyone had the Ver. 3.10 update yet? Just wondering how much the dealerships are charging for the update? Version currently installed is the 3.6 with the A6 Nav Map SD Card. Ordered the A8 SD Card yesterday.
  9. Hello

  10. Thanks, Thomas! All fixed!
  11. End of the Fusion?

    Agreed! On my 3rd one.
  12. After replacing battery, noticed a change in my left dash display. I usually drive around with the MPG Gage(horizontal), fuel gage (Vertical), and RPM gage(Vertical) on display. After putting in the new battery, MPG is still there, fuel gage is wider, but RPM is missing. I have scrolled through all the display selections, but the one listed above is longer there. How do I get it back?
  13. Hmm. The Motorcraft that came with car only lasted 3 years. The battery I put in has a 5 year warranty. 3 year no questions asked and a 2 year prorated. Probably won't have the car for another 3 years. Plus, I wouldn't give the money to my local dealership if I can help it. I drove 3 hours to purchase my current car, because the local dealership sucks, both of them.
  14. This weekend after our first cold spell in Shreveport, LA., (got down to 28F), I found out how long my Ford Motor Co. battery was good for. 3 Years and 20,000 miles. I base that on my car being a 2016 but built in 2015. Won't bore you with all the stuff I did to check it out to make sure it was the battery. Went to Walmart today and bought a 5 year Warranty battery for $119.00. That has been about the average on my previous Fusions.