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  1. Indicator/Turn Signal/Power Steering Problems

    Problem FINALLY SOLVED. Here is an image of the fault codes and the ultimate resolution.
  2. Trouble Codes

    2014 Ford Fusion Indicator Problem & Resolution
  3. Indicator/Turn Signal/Power Steering Problems

    @drolds...Being an electrical engineer, that's what I thought. Problem is that Ford won't do ANYTHING until they can reproduce the problem. So far, they haven't been able to reproduce the problem. To make matters worse, they don't offer a loaner car so it's majorly inconvenient being out a car while they sit on it.
  4. Greetings from Texas

    Hey folks, Just joined from Texas trying to find a solution to an annoying problem occurring with my 2014 Ford Fusion. Apologies in advance that I can't consider myself an enthusiast but I have rented several Fusions (Hertz) which did prompt me to buy one. D. Jones
  5. Hi, Having a persistent problems with my 2014 Ford Fusion when temperatures get high (90+) and the vehicle has been sitting out in the sun for a while. The car will start but all the indicators come on, multiple diagnostic warnings are displayed, several buttons, switches don't work such as emergency parking brake, turn signals and power steering drops out. It will remain like this for a while (in this case, 10 mins) until the car gets driven (unsafely) for several minutes. Last summer, we had taken it to our local Ford Dealership who had it for a week while trying to diagnose but could not reproduce the problem. Now that it's hot again, it's occurring again. ANYONE HAVE ANY CLUE AS TO WHAT COULD BE GOING ON? Video of issue posted here: (Thx to zip89105 who pointed me to this forum for some help.)