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  1. AWD - MPG ! What are you guys getting ?

    OK.. So I just got rid of my 2007 mustang v6 for 2010 fusion sel awd. So far I'm finding it to be relativity close, though it is middle of summer and I only have 3 records so far.. But I'm getting opposite results as most here.. My mustang I had years of data logged in app, ranged from 8.91-10.69 L/100km or 26.4-31.7 mpg with average of 9.68l/100 or 29.17 mpg With my 2010 fusion so far I got 9.64, 9.04, 9.43 (average of 9.37) L/100km or 29.29, 31.21, 29.94 (avg of 30.15) mpg
  2. So I just got 2010 fusion and am new to this longer oil life stuff compared to my 2007 mustang. After initial oil change I noticed mechanic still put typical 5000km / 3 months (3100 miles) sticker My owner manual says to go 12000km-16000km or 12 months max (7500-10000 miles).. I didn't get the actual maintenance schedule so I found American pdf to compare and in there I see 7500 miles or 6 months So I asked dealer to send me a copy because I also wanted to know other things like filters.. And one they send me, which is just bunch check marks for mechanic I assume, says 8000km (5000 miles) Confusing but ya I feel I should just follow the % on dash.. With traditional oil how long should I expect in comparison to synthetic? I would rather take car to my friends shop and have his coworkers work on it. But it's a tirecraft and not Ford.. Is there anything special with these cars that non Ford mechanics may be ignorant to? Oil changes at Ford have gotten really expensive in Canada lately. Now up to $79 where I am so I want to evaluate how to save most money especially when I can get it a lot cheaper where my friend works
  3. I just got 2010 sel awd with the 12 speaker Sony system. So I noticed I play music over bluetooth and I hear something.. I pause sound and turn it up and it is Sirius ads exact same as when I switch to sirius menu.. Is there any way to shut this background brainwash off. Lol