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  1. Cylinder 4 has spark and fuel. When I pull the coil pack out of cylinder 4 while running nothing happens but when I pull it out of 5 or 6 it will bog down a little bit. Checked the fuel injectors and they all tested out around 10.9 or 11 ohms.
  2. No hot or cold air coming thru the vents

    These are pics from now. The same thing happened 6 months ago.
  3. Hey all, I have a 07 fusion with digital fan speed control that would work when the wires were moved around down there. Shortly after it stopped working all together. I replaced my resistor, pigtail, and blower motor about 6 months ago after the same thing happened. This time around it seems to soon for the same problem. Any ideas on what else could be going wrong? I was reading other posts and thought I could have wired the pigtail in wrong. These pics are what burnt out.