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  1. How to get remote start to work

    eGuru: It has an "FS" before it.
  2. I just recently purchased a 2015 Ford Fusion. After looking at the Car Facts report I found that a remote start option was installed. After talking to the dealer, they said not a chance, it must not be right. When I got home I was looking through the display, I discovered a remote start option that allows me to turn it on and off and set the duration. So that got me thinking… After some online investigating, I found this part (7J-19G367-AA) near the fuse panel. With all the searching that I found, I am convinced this is the remote start module that was on the Car Facts report. My car is a keyed start with the flip key fob. It only has the Lock/Unlock/Trunk Release and Horn button. Through my digging I found that a Lock/Unlock/Lock command can be used to start the vehicle. I did try with no luck. I did also find that you can program the module by turning the key 8 times, again no luck. Does anyone out there have suggestions??