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  1. Also when I was at O'Reilly's yesterday they scanned my car for any codes with a scanner and 2 codes came up one of them was no DTC definition found and the other one was Ambient Air temperature sensor High circuit do you have any idea what any of those mean and I just replaced the Ambient Air Temperature Sensor yesterday
  2. Ok. I bought the battery about a year-and-a-half ago.
  3. That was a reply to the first person who responded back. Sorry about that. I took it to orielys so that could test the alternator and it has been having trouble starting for the past couple of weeks. They said it was the alternator but earlier today I disconnected the positive battery cable and the car stayed on. My light are dim and when I get the start the car my radio is off and my lights blink and then come back on
  4. Yes I was in a collision last June and there damage to the passenger side. I also took off the positive battery cable and my car did not turn off earlier today.
  5. Yes the lights are dim and when I start the car I here a clicking sound and my blink. There was no warning light on or anything.
  6. I currently have a 2013 Ford fusion with a 104,000 miles on it and I took to orielys and they said that the alternator was bad. Is that common for the miles on my vehicle? Thanks Sade
  7. AC Issues

    So I just take it to any car repair shop and does it have to be a wiring electrical shop?
  8. AC Issues

    Yes almost a year ago on the passenger side and a code came up as ambient air temperature sensor high circuit. What does it usually cost to the wires repaired? Thanks Sade
  9. AC Issues

    I currently have a 2013 Ford Fusion and the outside temperature reads 50°. -39 and I replaced ambient air temperature sensor today and it is still not working it could be a wiring problem? Thanks