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  1. So I came back from a weeks vacation recently where my fusion was sitting idle in my driveway while I was gone. I start it up when I returned only to get a "CHECK REAR PARK AID" message on my dash. This is a 2011 Fusion SE 3.0 V6. Never had an issue before. I tried troubleshooting the issue. Saw on youtube how you can check if the sensors are working by sticking the car in reverse and listening for a clicking noise emitted by the sensors. Now this is what stumped me. I can hear all 3 sensors "clicking" but the message remains. I tried pulling the fuse to sensors to see if I had to reset them but this was to no avail. Car is out of warranty obviously so taking it to the dealership is my least favorite option right now. At the least I would settle for just being able to shut off the darn reminder I get every time I turn the car on. Thanks for any help guys.