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  1. It's been a while but I decided to go with a one owner 2011 with every option available. It has 90k miles and is like new. I'm glad I didn't shell out 20k for a 2015 Camry. It was so outdated it still had a floor parking brake.
  2. Hi all, It's between a 2014 Camry XLE Hybrid and a 2014 Fusion SE Hybrid. IMO, the Camry is hideous and boring! It looks like it's from 2005. Both cars are far away, and even further apart so I can't test drive both. Both are similar in mileage and price. The Camry has JBL audio and navigation, the Fusion has neither. The Camry is QUICK for a hybrid, the fusion is not. Both get similar MPG as well, and the Camry has a much bigger fuel tank. So I'm pretty indecisive on both. However, based largely on looks inside and out, I'm leaning towards the Fusion. My concerns are it's reliability. We can't argue Toyota's reliability and worry free driving. My 2009 and 2011 Escape are both rotten vehicles. Coming from a 2004 Taurus that had 250k miles and no issues, the Escapes I have are unreliable, and FULL of recalls and out of pocket TSB's. Researching the Fusion, the reliability like my Escapes seems very spotty, full of recalls and TSBs. Am I just paranoid? How reliable are your Fusion hybrids? I drive about 30k miles a year. Thanks!