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  1. I have a 2017 Titanium/AWD/2.0 turbo wit 1200miles and have been using 87 octane just fine. I recently filled up wit 91 octane premium at a top tier gas station. WOW, big difference when I put my foot down... a lot more power
  2. AWD - MPG ! What are you guys getting ?

    I have my 2017 Titanium AWD 2.0 for 2 months, put 1100miles on it...mileage 21-23mpg.
  3. Rumble & vibration at just over 40MPH

    first time at dealer they cut the front rotors to remove some rust, brought it in again, second time they rebalanced all 4 tires. I am still getting the vibration in the steering wheel...
  4. Rumble & vibration at just over 40MPH

    Yes, 2017 2.0 EB/AWD, 200miles on the car. Get the same vibration in seat and steering wheel. Bringing it in to dealer this week.