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  1. Just happened to see a battery in Walmart today that had a sticker on it that said "made in Saudi Arabia". Didn't know anything was built in Saudi Arabia.🌴🌴🌴
  2. I am building a scale model of a 1955 Tbird, and it has a crankcase vent tube that just dumps out on the road. Problem solved!
  3. I would guess that direct fuel injection engines will not see any benefit at the intake valves because the intake valves never see fuel.
  4. 2013 Ford Fusion SE 1.6L Ecoboost

    My 2014 Fusion looks similar. Dark Side blue and black wheels. Did the bright wheel rims come with the wheels or can u get aftermarket? Thx
  5. FordFusionTeam.com ?

    I tried to find FordFusionTeam.com online, couldn't find it. What was it? Related: Is this forum a Ford corporate sponsored site?
  6. Cross Traffic System Fault

    Unless you have a non-Hybrid. My point was that documentation for the non-hybrids talked about a "low voltage" battery, without defining that it was the 12V battery that runs everything (in a non-hybrid).
  7. Cross Traffic System Fault

    I wondered what other battery there was. My gasoline Fusion documentation talks about the "low voltage" battery. I guess it must be the 12V Primary battery. Why doesn't Ford documentation say the "12V starter battery".
  8. 2014 1.5L Ecoboost with 32,000 mi throws P0420 code "Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold". Will this cause it to fail at a California Emissions test? Wife says CEL is sometimes on, sometimes off. Any simple things to check?
  9. Horrible Costly News: Transmission

    Drolds1 You seem to know a lot about these Fusions. Can you say why they don't use Flash memory to store settings so you don't need a re-learn after the main battery is replaced? Thx
  10. New Member from OC, CA

    Welcome fellow coastal guy! Have you ever driven in Venice,CA? I was there a few weeks ago and the Fusion (2014) GPS couldn't figure out what street I was on! Worked great on freeways.
  11. Dead Battery

    Duralast Gold has 30% higher cold cranking Amps vs Ford stock battery, and 5yr warranty, vs 3yr on stock. Had higher buyer ratings than std Durolast or their Platinum on Autozone site. I assume this means better materials or quality control. Had a battery in my BMW last over 10 years.
  12. Fusion Ecoboost Fuel Mileage

    2014 1.5L. Got up to 38 mpg on the freeway... until I hit L.A. Get 27 mpg mixed driving.
  13. Indentations on trunk by plate holder

    This is a plastic part, not a metal panel as you would expect. The part has ribs molded into the back side for reinforcing. Plastic parts are molded at temperatures around 250F, when they cool, they shrink. When you have ribs like these, the shrinking is worse and will deform slightly at the joining surface. With a glossy painted surface, the distortion is more obvious. I am surprised that Ford didn't modify this design defect early on.
  14. Disabling Door Open Chime

    This "feature" is just poorly thought out. Give the human a display message of what the stupid chime is supposed to be telling you! Don't these engineers get training in Human Factors anymore? Ridiculous! Probably implemented by some programmer without any quality control checks.
  15. Dead Battery

    When I looked at my 2014 Fusion on the lot, (used, as of 2017) they had to jump the battery to get it working. After i bought it, the car warned after 1/2 of using the stereo with engine off that Batt voltage was low! Bought a Duralast Gold at Autozone, now everything is normal. These must be really crap batteries, after 45 years of driving, all my batteries lasted at least 5 years.