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  1. Stability Control?

    Ah yes, right under "Airbags"!
  2. HID headlights? getting dim?

    Thanks drolds1, us newbies haven't seen all the posts like you may have. Is the OLDS part of your name related to the car? I used to have a '73 Cutlass upgraded to "442".
  3. I see my 2014 SE has ABS, but is there active Stability Control too?
  4. HID headlights? getting dim?

    I checked the window sticker I downloaded for my car. It turns out mine are Halogen, they only look like the Xenon projectors on my BMW.
  5. HID headlights? getting dim?

    kenycoulter posted this picture of his Fusion in an earlier post. His headlight covers look clean and the low beams look a lot like the projector lights on my Fusion.
  6. The sound is cutting out on some of the speakers according to the wife. I googled the amplifier location and it showed this thread. Apparently the early 2g Fusions have the amp in the dashboard. I noticed the newer models moved it to the trunk. Did the early ones have overheating of the amp? Or are these sound problems due to cheap electrical contacts?
  7. Horrible Costly News: Transmission

    My wife's Honda transmission croaked at 85,000 mi. $1800 to rebuild. Got rid of it at 150,000 mi. Got her a Fusion. Fingers crossed!
  8. Sirius-XM ASubscriptions

    I got 3 months free when I bought the car and never signed up. Now each month I get an offer to get 6 mos for $30 or 5 mos for $25.
  9. 2014 Fusion 1.5L Ecoboost code P0420

    Finally took the car in to check for CEL & P0420 code. Dealer found no functional problem, said they had a TSB to update PCM. They reflashed PCM with new code, will have to wait & see. They charged $150 to diagnose it!
  10. More soccer moms flipping their SUV at rush hour. Just what we need.
  11. 2007 fusion crank no start after engine swap

    Diffusion, how would you verify injectors working? Thx
  12. Hello from north east Oklahoma 2013 hybrid

    Re: Window Sticker: I agree! I was able to get a real window sticker about 4 months ago online, some dealer allowed access to the FordDirect website which can produce a copy of the window sticker. Now none of them work. I bet the dealer can provide one. But us used buyers should have access to this since the salesman usually doesn't know all of the car features he is selling! I found out mine has a lane keeping system to warn you when you wander too much in the lane while I was driving. (What's that?!) The printed manual shows all possible features, (* if available) but how are we to know if it is installed? Modern cars are so complicated that they need to do a better job about telling us what is installed. They have enough computers in the cars now, they just haven't been convinced to tell us. Your new used car is a puzzle to solve. ?
  13. Hello from north east Oklahoma 2013 hybrid

    Welcome! I am a new 2014 Fusion owner and still learning how to use all the features. These are nice cars but one caveat, the factory 12V battery is known to be iffy and can cause weird things to happen with the electronics at the end of its life. I suggest checking the date code on the 12V battery and if it is 3 or more years old, get a new one and enjoy a trouble free start with your new car.
  14. On the other hand, he is boosting the economy by buying more gasoline! ? ????
  15. Dead Battery

    No. Firefox browser. Cookies enabled.