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  1. My 2014 Ford Fusion

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to the forum but I figured I'd post a few pictures of my car at the moment! Hopefully here in the next few months, she'll look different but this is her now! I have my winter rims with my snow tires on at the moment. Buying fog lights, dual exhaust cover and some other cosmetic stuff soon! ~ Bryson
  2. 2014 Fusion Parts

    Hey everyone, Just got a few requests if anyone comes up with a few parts that you'd be willing to sell for my second generation Fusion. Here's a list of the stuff I'm currently looking around for: - Fog Lights (bezel, switch in car, lights, possibly wiring) - Dual Exhaust Trim underneath rear bumper (Looking to make my car more aesthetically appealing, currently have the single exhaust) Feel free to reach out if you come a crossed these parts, I'm currently living in Grand Rapids Michigan.
  3. Single to dual exhaust conversion

    I've been looking at doing the same thing. I've been calling around some salvaged shops and looking for Fusion part outs for a dual exhaust. There's a lot of options too, most of them are in really good shape and cheap. Here is also a video on how to take off the rear bumper, let me know if this helps! However, I do have a question, I found a rear bumper but will it require me to remove the exhaust and shorten it so the single pipe fits the dual exhaust slit? I'm not looking to add another pipe, just looking for my Fusion to look more clean. https://youtu.be/9UpoRHV8AYw
  4. 2014 Fusion Fog Light Install

    I have not, I was planning on to tomorrow. When I do though, I'll post in here with pictures!
  5. 2014 Fusion Fog Light Install

    So I've done some digging and I'm believe I'm going to pull some fog lights off a totaled Fusion in one of the scrapyards around me. Here are some videos that I found really helpful. First one is your Fusion and how to check if you have the wiring for Fog Lights in it already and the second is how to remove the front bumper so you can get the lights. Third is how you install the lights. The channels I pulled the videos from are super helpful too, tons of Fusion How Tos. https://youtu.be/mjGkEutdg2Q https://youtu.be/HHVAdHHHNuk https://youtu.be/LUVRanCif-k Let me know what you think!
  6. 2014 Fusion SE Aftermarket Radio Install

    Hey everyone, didn't expect to actually get some replies so thank you all for the info and help. Here's another question for you. Since I don't have a lot of money, I've been doing some research on how to do this a lot cheaper. Could I go to a scrap yard and pull the trim, head unit, wires, computer, ect (all other stuff I would need) from a Fusion with the 8' display? I found a really good guy on YouTube with a lot of tutorials and this was one of his tutorials. Maybe check it out and let me know if its do-able? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQzPtT6EcWg
  7. I was wondering how difficult it would be to install Fog Lights into my 2014 Fusion SE. I currently just have the plastic placeholders in place of where the fog lights should be. Does my car already have the wiring for the fog lights or would I also need to buy and redo all the wiring? How difficult would this be to buy everything and try to install myself? Would love some help and some clarification. Any input is greatly appreciated! ~ Bryson
  8. Hey everyone, So I got some questions about my 2014 Fusion SE. I really want to put in an aftermarket radio in my car but I'm having an extreme amount of trouble actually finding a large touchscreen radio and a faceplate, along with wiring, to fit into my car. I currently have the small non-touch screen (4x2in or something like that) radio with the all the buttons underneath the radio. Is there any aftermarket radios I could fit into my car? I would love some guidance from anyone who knows more than me (currently a 20 year old just trying to customize my car a little). Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. ~ Bryson