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  1. Wheel studs keep breaking

    Still breaking wheel studs! Based on the original letter from Ford to NHTSA, they knew that the 17" wheels were bad. They were breaking in the plant. My suggestion is to get rid of the crappy steel wheels. I'm going to swap mine with aluminum wheels from a Mustang, I'll let you know what happens! RCDNN-11V574-3892.pdf
  2. TPMS on 2010 fusion

    A bit late but just thought I'd chime in - 2010 Fusion uses a sensor that a magnet will not activate. The cheapest tool out there is the little "pinger" tool that Ford used to provide the Super Duty customers (looks like a key fob with one green button). Like $40 on ebay. There are quite a few aftermarket sensors out there that are cheaper than the dealer part that work just fine. Even the OEM (Schrader) has a exact copy of the Ford part available on their website. Good luck!!