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  1. its crazy to me that the blender was fine and now it's broken. I have also reached out to my attorney over this dealer. They think that because I'm there for repairs we don't know anything about cars but like I said I'm not the average customer my husband and 2 friends work at ford and are stumped but this dealer thinks they can say anything to shut me up lol
  2. No mine sounds perfect under the hood :-(
  3. Thanks you everyone and any suggestion is a great help! I'm open to anything. The new dealer I'm going to I have a friend who is an mechanic there so I feel a little better that I can trust them actually doing the work. If I find they also didn't repair the door latch recall they said they did I will be reaching out to ford corporate about their certification being removed for lying about that repair
  4. My husband has checked under the hood while the car is running and in drive and the noise isn't heard under the hood. Since they "worked on my air" the blendor is also cracking and popping now too
  5. So my husband being a mechanic also thought motor mounts but that wasn't the issue. I picked my car up last night. The dealer manager even agreed that the service manager was ridiculous for calling this a normal noise he offered to pay my car note and any expenses at a new dealer which I am taking it to this week. In addition to my air going out they relaxed my compressor and called it fixed but it isn't fixed at all. So they have now lied about repairing an oil leak that they didn't find till my husband pulled the cover and showed them the oil all over the motor and now my air they said was fixed isn't either. My car sounds exactly like this persons post. Any stress put on the motor cause the noise to be worse. My car also seems sputtery too if that makes since at idle it jumps occasionally.
  6. I have 75K miles and my motor mounts have been checked.
  7. Mine is doing this too and the dealer has no answer. They said its just making a noise. They say they have compared it to other cars and they make it to so its just something I will have to live with they said. Well, I am not willing to live with it. It didn't make that noise when I purchased it and with it being under warranty it shouldn't make it now. They have checked the fly wheel and replaced my compressor because my air also went out. They also had to replace a gasket because I had an oil leak which they said I didn't have but my husband was able to show them that and they had to eat their words and fix it. They are expecting me to pick my car up and just deal with it. THe noise this one is making is the exact same as mine and my husband just told me mine is also the 1.6. Does anyone have any suggestions?