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  1. Hello from north east Oklahoma 2013 hybrid

    Hey that's a great idea I didn't think about going to a dealership (duh) for a window sticker I'll call my local one tomorrow. Thanks for the idea! Yeah while driving to work which was only the second time I got to actually mess around with buttons I found out it has heated seats! That was a awesome discovery for my 3rd point of contact lol
  2. Hello

    I just got mine today! It was a crazy trip home since it's my first hybrid so many buttons and gauges I was just glad to be able to figure out the radio and Bluetooth lol nice color btw it's what I wanted but I settled for the ruby red.
  3. Hello from north east Oklahoma 2013 hybrid

    Thanks for the tip! I'll check it tomorrow before I head to work, been reading the manual while the battery charges and peeking out my window to make sure it's still there lol wish I could find what options came with the car from factory but so far all the window sticker sites I found through searching the forum have turned up without it.
  4. Hello from north east Oklahoma 2013 hybrid

    Hello, my name is Kevin and I just brought home my 2013 titanium energi hybrid that I still can't believe I own! I'm new here obviously but not new to forums so look forward to meeting the regulars here and gaining and hopefully sharing knowledge. Going from a 01 mustang to this was like going from the winnabego in space balls to the enterprise so many buttons! Very excited to learn what they all do so far I got the radio to work and my phone connected lol