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  1. 2017 SE 2.5L Under hood part ID?

    2017 SE 2.5L Fusion Would someone identify these two parts marked A and B. Thanks
  2. HOT drivers side fender top near headlight?

    Thanks akieby, what about the heat on the finder?
  3. Has anyone noticed if this is a normal thing? After trying to do an SYNC 3 update from V2.2 to V2.3 the engine shut off after about 20 mins. I restarted it and after about another 30 min or so it shut off again. I just gave up on the update caus not knowing why the motor kept shutting off. And when I got out and just happened to touch the drivers side fender top near the headlight it was really warm almost hot. What is causing it to be so hot and is it normal for the motor to shut off on it's own. Thanks