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  1. Can I swap a 3.0l into a 2.5l 2011 fusion

    Yep, just trade for what you want, don't try to build it.
  2. Swaps

    All that stuff talks to the other modules over the CAN network. Even if they bolt right in, you'll need to find a way to change all the configurations in the software to match the parts you put in. If you end up with combinations of parts that were never designed to work together, you can get all kinds of strange results.
  3. You are still confused with the auto light feature. Your car does have lights that automatically come on when it's dark. The sensor for that is right in the middle of the top of the dashboard, up near the windshield. What you don't have is the auto-high beam feature. That uses a camera that would be up where the rain sensor is if you had that - which you don't.
  4. WATER PUMP Failed.

    Water pumps have failed on all brands of cars for many, many years. The fact that it is an unusually expensive repair on the 3.5 engine does not mean it's going to cause a fatality or warrant any special consideration from Ford.
  5. If you want your car to look like a 1980 Chevy Malibu, then you can have headlights that are easy to replace. Sure it might cost 10x more to replace a headlight bulb now than in the past, but it is also a far more rare occurrence. I actually can't remember the last time I changed a headlight bulb, maybe it was 1998. I had my 2002 Focus for 11 years and never had to change a single bulb on it. So if you only have to change a bulb 1/10th as often, the net difference is really zero. BTW Ford does have an internal requirement that bulbs can be changed with one hour's labor, so if your dealer can't do it in one hour they need some more training.
  6. Check Parking Aid

    You should be able to pull the codes and it will tell you exactly what's wrong.
  7. Throttle response

    Sounds like a traction control event to me. You can't accelerate hard from a stop in a FWD car with the wheels turned. Inside wheels won't get enough traction.
  8. There's no such thing as a factory remote start on a 2012 Fusion. There's just a Ford approved aftermarket unit that could have been included on the invoice when it was new. No reason to not consider all the other aftermarket alternatives.
  9. 2012 Fusion Gauge Cluster Swap

    I'm sure it would fit, but without the software to run it, you'll just get a bunch of blank screens.
  10. They did do that. All you need to turn on the Nav in any car is put in the card and turn on the license. What they didn't do was figure out a way to effectively manage selling the license.
  11. That's like saying a PC maker doesn't have any cost to have Windows put in as a default. Ford has to pay a license fee for every navigation system they install. People don't just develop software for free.
  12. Sync services is being discontinued. Even Ford has acknowledged it's not very useful.
  13. And even if this really is true, do the math, even if you're saving fuel, you're almost certainly not saving money.
  14. If you've made it that far already, I wouldn't touch anything. The amount of particles in the oil doesn't increase over time, in fact in goes down. In other words, the trans isn't going to wear any faster over your 30,000 mile change intervals than it has in the past so what's worked so far is going to continue to work in the future.