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  1. Sorry to hear this. The internal water pump issue has come up before. Here's one prior discussion. Ford claims that it's designed to route coolant from a leaking pump onto the ground instead of into the engine oil but as you (and others) have found, it doesn't always work that way. This is the first time I've heard of any warranty requirement that oil changes be done professionally. AFAIK, the Ford ESP warranty has no such provision; just that you present receipts if you are a DIYer. That's pretty sleazy and might not even hold up in court but it would probably cost more to sue them over it. This is the problem with 3rd party warranties. They often try to find a way to weasel out of paying claims. I gave up changing my own oil years ago. Just wan't worth the hassle anymore. There was inevitably some kind of mess, then there was the issue of disposing of the used oil. For $39.95, often less with a $10 rebate, Ford dealers do it with a tire rotation and systems inspections. It's also a way of establishing a rapport with the service dept. You never know when you might need a break from them and you have a better shot if they recognize you as a regular customer. As a former tech, do you have any connections for a used or rebuilt engine for less than the dealer is asking?
  2. Is this a bad tire indicator?

    Are they the original tires? If so, congratulations on getting 58K out of OE tires. It certainly seems like the tire is the cause, especially if it's got a visual defect. I'd put the temp. spare on just to make sure. If the noise and shake in the steering wheel go away, you know you've got the cause for sure.
  3. Shocks or Struts?

    First generation Fusions have coil over shock suspension systems front and rear. Beginning with the 2013MY (2nd-gen), MacPherson struts used up front. Nowadays, people the use the terms struts and shocks interchangeably. Technically speaking, it's inaccurate but what are you gonna do? It irritates me every time I hear it, just as everyone calling engines motors does. I guess I'm an old-school fart.
  4. Winter tires and rims for 2012 Fusion SEL

    Using a tire size comparison chart shows that the diameter of the recommended tire/wheel combo is 25.7", while that of the Altima combo is 27.9". Rolling circumferences are 80.7” and 87.5” respectively. At an actual 60mph, your speedometer will read 65. There may be other issues as well. The sidewall is 23% larger. There could be rubbing issues and other systems could be thrown off. All this is moot, however, as the smaller diameter bore of the Altima wheel is not going to fit the larger-bore Fusion hub. Even if you got another set of wheels, the other issues remain.
  5. 2014 ford fusion se fwd snow handling

    I wondered about that but was too tired to look it up at that hour. The fact that they've had snow already tells you something.
  6. 2010 fusion hybrid code P2112

    It's not a bad idea to disconnect the battery when you replace the TB.
  7. 2014 ford fusion se fwd snow handling

    Some brands of tires have better traction on snow than others despite being labeled 'M+S.' What brand and model of tire do you have? If you got to tirerack.com, you can find ratings for various tires in various performance categories. One of the categories is snow traction. You might want to consider winter tires in your part of the world. They will provide superior traction on ice and snow. I don't think anything's wrong with your car, assuming your traction control's engaged.
  8. 2010 fusion hybrid code P2112

    Yes, I've seen that. I subscribe to his YouTube channel. He called it ETB relearning but it's actually PCM relearning. You'll notice that he erased the PCM's memory. The PCM has to relearn idle and fuel trim settings. The TB reacts to signals from the PCM. It has no memory of its own. The relearn procedure that he describes is in your owner's manual:
  9. 2010 fusion hybrid code P2112

    There's no TB relearning procedure, gas or hybrid. What are you using as a reference to one? See here, which would have been revealed via the 'Search' function.
  10. Yes, there really is really is a leveling plug. See below. Why would you doubt that? The procedure from the shop manual is as follows:
  11. ECM/PCM 'A'

    Site Feedback and Help is for questions about using the site itself, not for discussion about the Fusion. The forum is arranged by specific areas for discussion of that particular aspect. WRT your codes, there are no OBDII codes that begin with 'V.' I think you meant U0100. There are previous discussions here about that code. Before posting a question, please use the search function to see if your question has come up before. This way, we avoid having to answer the same question over again and end up with duplicate threads. For example, see here. Code 0446 is an evap. system code and that's discussed here as well. It's a fairly common problem with the Fusion and is probably caused by a stuck purge valve. Again, use 'Search' for help. This thread is now locked, as it duplicates existing topics. For any further discussion of your issues, please post in the appropriate forums.
  12. Don't know exactly what you mean by this.
  13. Button on parking break popped out

    Post moved by moderator. The Welcome section is intended for new member introductions per the header there: Questions regarding the Fusion itself should be posted in the appropriate forum.
  14. ..and provide some specific detail regarding the immediate issue as well. What made you take the car to O'Reilly's in the first place? Was the warning light on? Was the battery going dead? Were lights getting dim? These are factors that are important to post when asking questions. WRT alternator life, 104K is certainly not unheard of. howstuffworks.com:
  15. 2 Fusions into 1

    How creative are you at this sort of thing? There have to be some unforeseen problems with this swap. For instance, is the SEL that's the donor car also an AWD? You are going the use the trans that's in the Sport, which has a 3.5L engine. IDK if this will bolt directly up to a 3.0L block. The bolt pattern may not be the same. What about the PCM? The one in the Sport 3.5 is going to differ from that in the SEL 3.0. I'm also thinking that there may be communication issues with the instrument cluster that's in the 2010 and the swapped in electronics from the 2008.