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  1. Passenger side mirror cap

    Try a salvage yard or ebay.
  2. Power Steering

    There are codes for EPAS faults but the average scanner doesn't have that capability. A Ford dealer can diagnose it with the IDS tool. IDK if FORScan can do it.
  3. AC always seems to be on

    If you mean shutting the system down, of course you can do that. If it's a comfortable day when you don't need any heating or cooling just turn the system off. Then it won't run at all. Push the power button on your control panel. The button location depends on which panel you have. Do you have an owners guide for the car? If not, there's an online version here You should thoroughly read the manual in order to familiarize yourself with the operation of the car. This is even more important with the Hybrid and its unique characteristics.
  4. AC always seems to be on

    Your car has electronic automatic climate control. If the outside temperature is 80º and you have the control set for 74º, the system determines that cool air is needed to get the interior of the car to the temperature that is set. If it was 30º outside and you still had it set on 74º, heat would come out of the floor vents. Hence, electronic automatic temperature control or EATC.
  5. Yup. That's the way they did it before emissions laws and PCV valves. it was called a road draft tube. All of those nasty crankcase fumes were released directly into the atmosphere.
  6. 2014 FWD real wheel bearing

    Are you positive it's the wheel bearing and not something else, such as a bad tire?
  7. Won't start

    You may have a faulty shifter assembly resulting in the electronic Park sensor not being detected. Try tapping the release button several times in succession and see if that clears the message. Do have any warranty remaining on this car? If so, get it to a dealer.
  8. 2017 ford fusion 18x8 wheels

    Thanks for updating.
  9. Signing in twice

    I just discovered that I only need to sign in once on Chrome.
  10. Inept

    Topic moved to appropriate forum from Site Feedback and Help. That forum is intended only for questions about the operation of the site itself, not for technical questions. WRT your problem, awaiting your response to eGuru's post. In the meantime, these cars have a history of various malfunctions after a battery change. Sometimes the electronic throttle battery can be affected. Disconnect your battery again and leave it disconnected for a while. The reconnect. See if that helps. You might also have to clean the ETB. What's your mileage?
  11. FordFusionTeam.com ?

    'Search' is your friend: http://www.fordfusionforum.com/topic/11946-ford-fusion-team-join-today/ The site is not sponsored by FoMoCo.
  12. Absolutely. Unfortunately, not everyone has a choice. I can only get E10 where I live. As we've mentioned in the past when people complain about unattainable EPA MPG numbers, they test using only only 100% gasoline for a reason.
  13. Regardless of what you may have heard, Ford engineers clearly state that it's OK to use regular fuel. It's right in your owner's guide: They're not going to recommend anything that will harm your engine. Your Ecoboost engine, however, will only develop it's full hp rating using premium. We've had this discussion in the past. See this thread, for example. Please use the 'Search' function before posting to see if the topic has come up before so that we can avoid multiple threads for the same topic. Bottom line: you'll have to decide if the additional expense is worth it to you.
  14. Won't start

    We need more info. What do you mean by 'won't start? What happens when you turn the key (or push the Start button)? Does nothing happen or does it crank and not start? Does it eventually start? Does it crank slowly? Without any details, off the top of my head I'd say have your battery tested. You can get strange messages in these cars when the batteries are weak.
  15. New from Iowa

    Welcome to the forums.