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  1. Check Brake System light on, help please!

    My electric vacuum pump is increasingly running more the last few months so I have a leak somewhere also. No warning lights or DTCs yet. The hose is really buried between the ICE and transmission. I notice the fitting on the pump where the hose attaches can be wiggled a little. I don't know if that's normal. Not having access to the hose I can't see where the check valve in the intake manifold branch is but it has to have one at the "T" otherwise the pump would suck from the intake line, There's a check valve at the brake booster assembly but that's buried also.
  2. 2013 Hybrid oil leak 2.0L

    Yes, this year FFH had a history of case seal leaks but not main shaft seal. You say "dried", you should clean it and see if it still leaks. A case seal leak is expensive to fix out of warranty.
  3. Why don't cars last longer

    Cars last about 200,000 miles now. That's 15-20 years! The only reason you need to junk a car is rust which is much less common now. Everything else can be replaced. That can cost a lot but it is still cheaper than the depreciation on a newer car. After 15-20 years, technology has made that car obsolete.
  4. Auto Headlights Wont Turn Off

    How old is the 12 vdc battery? Unusual problems often stem from a battery that needs replacing. This car's computers are unusually sensitive to minor deterioration in that battery.
  5. Auto Headlights Wont Turn Off

    Do you have anything on the top of the dash covering up the sensor? You could also try disconnecting the 12 vdc battery for a few minutes. Some other things might have to be reset then also but that's easy.
  6. 2011 FFH Strange Power Failure

    You say it shut off after the remote start. I'm not familiar with that but I didn't think it shut off after you started it. I guess it does so as a safety feature.
  7. 2011 FFH Strange Power Failure

    Is this a 2011 FFH? Have you ever changed the 12 vdc battery? If it's more than three years since a new battery, change that first no matter how it tests. It's the cheapest first step.
  8. Just passed 100,000 miles on FFH, anyone else?

    There were some early problems with premature wear with the rear brakes. Maybe that was it.
  9. Cross Traffic System Fault

    Because it does not start the engine ( ICE ). The HVB starts the ICE.
  10. Just passed 100,000 miles on FFH, anyone else?

    The collision repair changes everything. Who knows what's wrong. It's an O2 (oxygen sensor) and it probably costs a couple hundred bucks and it needs a special wrench to remove. You may have a bad electronics cooling pump or any number of things to cause the wrench light. If a Ford dealer did the repair I would think it's on them to find all the problems but car dealers and congress are America's only native criminal class.
  11. Just passed 100,000 miles on FFH, anyone else?

    It sounds like you may need a new oxygen sensor. That's a common problem at that mileage. You may also have a dirty throttle body which is also common. Fix the O2 sensor first. Why is Ford baffled? These are common issues.
  12. The 2010-12's are bulletproof. The 2013+ are a completely different car and the 2013-14 and some 15's have transmission problems. Unless the transmission has been replaced or repaired, I wouldn't touch a 2013-14. Early 2013's had AC duct mold due to an improperly designed duct.
  13. Radio and display stay on after exiting car

    AutoZone may not have a battery for this car. You may have to go to Ford.
  14. 12 V (normal) battery issues

    I have a 2010 with the battery in the engine compartment where I believe the 2013 is in the trunk. If it's vented you might have the Ford battery as the only choice.
  15. 12 V (normal) battery issues

    I'm an EE. The 12 vdc pulls in a big relay that applies the HV to the car. The HVB is protected against complete discharge by the relay which is automatically opened if the HVB charge gets too low. The HV turns a big 3 phase motor to start the engine in 0.4 seconds.. The HVB also powers a DC to DC converter which charges the 12 vdc battery. There is no alternator. The 12 vdc battery is the weak point of the car. Since it doesn't start the ICE, you don't notice it as it gets weak by slow cranking. Even when they test OK, they may cause problems in the computers which give weird alarms. Replacing the 12 vdc when there are strange and inconsistent faults is always the cheapest first remedy. Before these cars, I would never have said that.