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  1. Photobucket fix

    We all know by now how Photobucket has ruined forums all over the web by their grab for cash from its users. Well, we can once again view the Photobucket pictures that were posted in forums. It seems there is a way around the Photobucket bastards. Go to Extensions in your browser, and search for Photobucket Fix. In Chrome, Photobucket Embedded Image Fix worked.For Firefox, Photobucket embed fix worked.Those are the two browsers that I tried, but other browsers have similar Extensions.Hopefully this will last a loooong time.
  2. Blacked out decklid / taillight chrome

    The pure greed of Photobucket has ruined forums all over the Interweb.
  3. Parts Identification

    Maybe this is what you're looking for. Click on the right smaller picture under the blown up view for a darker picture.
  4. Light or Dark Color Skin - How to Choose

    Can we get an option for the forum 'Classic Version'? When other forums ruined their forums with a 'New, updated forum' version, they at least let you choose to view it the old way if you wanted. Let's just say I'm certainly not of fan of how this forum is set up now. Just one opinion here...
  5. As stated above, you need to hook up an OBDII scanner and pull any stored codes, otherwise we're all just guessing as to the cause.
  6. The Latch can be ordered at your local Ford dealer or online, two screws inside the box to replace it. Search Ford 5F9Z-7406162-AAD, it can even be ordered from Amazon.
  7. Check Youtube, one below.
  8. Is my low fuel warning coming on early?

    Ford Fusion "0 miles to empty" test video.
  9. Radio display going out

    You can simply buy a radio on Ebay (or forum classifieds) and replace it yourself. It's a simple repair if you're able. No programming will be necessary if you get a simple replacement radio. For a navigation unit, that may need programming, not sure. Ebay radio (just one listing of many) Replacement is simple: Remove face plate Remove 4 bolts holding radio in place Unhook two wiring harness, and antenna cable Install new unit Ford Fusion radio removal video I know there is a dim radio repair video, search youtube if you want to repair your radio. Search Explorer dim radio repair.
  10. Wiring Guides

  11. Advice on blacking out chrome

    Keep the chrome, my opinion is the Fusion is not the type of vehicle that agrees with the murdered out look. Just an opinion...
  12. TPMS on 2006 Ford Fusion

    Vehicles were required to have TPMS systems only after September 2007 build dates, IIRC. Your 2006, as well as my 07, do not have to worry about those pesky TPMS sensors.
  13. New Tires

    Probably the best way to compare tires is at Tirerack. They have surveys of tire performance in all sort of driving conditions, listed in a chart to see which tires perform better than others. Click the link below and choose what type of passenger tire (All season, summer, performance) that you want to install on your Fusion. Tire Rack (Click on continue to Tirerack.com in the center of the screen on the linked page.) Most forum members say their tires are good, and will recommend them. I have Continental Extremecontact DWS 06 tires, and like them a lot. See, even I just did it.
  14. 2006 Fusion SE

    For the I4: 5 speed Auto trans is a Mazda FN5R. 5 speed Manual trans is a Mazda G5M.
  15. Passenger Exterior Mirror

    This video below will show how to remove the interior door panel, which needs to be done to remove the mirror. Once the door panel is off, you can easily see how the mirror is bolted on and wired up.