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  1. 2008 SE compass stuck on N

    Look at page 77 of your owners manual, there is a 'Compass Zone/Calibration Adjustment' procedure that you can try.
  2. Disconnecting the battery will reset the PCM, and that simple effort can reset all sorts of electrical issues. Leave the cables disconnected for a while, reconnecting the battery too quickly will not do a full reset and may not correct your radio issue.
  3. If you have the original battery, get a new one. The airbag light is an early sign of a weak battery.
  4. 2013 Fusion w/ Sony - Amp location

    The trunk amp powers it all.
  5. FS: SCT X3

    My SCT X3 programmer for up for sale, $220 shipped to lower 48. Works on 2006-2009 Ford Fusion 2.3 or 3.0 engines. It also works on other vehicles, assure it's compatible with the vehicle you're purchasing it for.
  6. 2013 Fusion w/ Sony - Amp location

    The stock amp is behind the trunk panel on the passenger side.
  7. 2009 Headlight assemblies

    Best price is probably Ebay, there are a few sets for $190 shipped. Same price on Amazon too, use Google for best prices. I had one headlight with moisture in it too, and installed a new set. They look so much better than the partly cloudy headlights that I replaced.
  8. 2007 Radio audio settings

    Do you have the Audiophile (8 speaker) system? That system has RBDS, which allows you to search for specific music categories, and display artist and song information on the display. RBDS is the first press option under the Menu options. If so, and RSDS is turned OFF, then Bass would be the third press of the menu button, followed by Treble, then Balance, then Fader. If so, and RSDS is turned ON, then Bass would be the fifth press of the menu button, followed by Treble, then Balance, then Fader. The regular 6 speaker system would probably be Bass on the first or second press of the menu button. I'm guessing on this one though.
  9. Photobucket fix

    We all know by now how Photobucket has ruined forums all over the web by their grab for cash from its users. Well, we can once again view the Photobucket pictures that were posted in forums. It seems there is a way around the Photobucket bastards. Go to Extensions in your browser, and search for Photobucket Fix. In Chrome, Photobucket Embedded Image Fix worked.For Firefox, Photobucket embed fix worked.Those are the two browsers that I tried, but other browsers have similar Extensions.Hopefully this will last a loooong time.
  10. Blacked out decklid / taillight chrome

    The pure greed of Photobucket has ruined forums all over the Interweb.
  11. Parts Identification

    Maybe this is what you're looking for. Click on the right smaller picture under the blown up view for a darker picture.
  12. Light or Dark Color Skin - How to Choose

    Can we get an option for the forum 'Classic Version'? When other forums ruined their forums with a 'New, updated forum' version, they at least let you choose to view it the old way if you wanted. Let's just say I'm certainly not of fan of how this forum is set up now. Just one opinion here...
  13. As stated above, you need to hook up an OBDII scanner and pull any stored codes, otherwise we're all just guessing as to the cause.
  14. The Latch can be ordered at your local Ford dealer or online, two screws inside the box to replace it. Search Ford 5F9Z-7406162-AAD, it can even be ordered from Amazon.
  15. Check Youtube, one below.